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The Hot Sweat
Ashlyne Huff
Crash Kings
By Alexandra Zawada-- Asst. Regional Head, Midwest

Los Angeles alt-rock trio The Crash Kings could be one of the most underrated bands of 2010 with their unique approach to the genre. In an era where digital keyboards are king, the trio has elected to make use of the old school analog keyboards and go with no guitars, simulating the effect with just a whammy bar. The band has seen time with acts like Rooney, David Cook, Jet and The Bravery

Our Alex Z. put this unique and underrated trio on The Hot Seat where the guys give some very good advice at the end for starting musicians while on tour with labelmates Anberlin.

Alex Z: Introduce Yourself
Crash Kings: We are the band, Crash Kings.  The only piano rock trio on alternative radio.

AZ:  How did the band form?
CK: Crash Kings formed in 2006 in Los Angeles.  Tony had been writing rock songs and decided to make some rough demos.  He sent some out to his brother Mike in New York, and Mike soon moved to LA to start the project. Tony had met drummer Jason Morris from a previous tour, and asked him to hop on board.  A few jams and a show later, and Crash Kings had formed officially and were creating full demos...

AZ:  How would you describe your music to those that haven't heard you yet?
CK:  We are a piano rock trio with soul and edge.  There are no guitars in the band Crash Kings.  We are a traditional rock band in the sense that we use NO backing tracks live and we are all playing our instruments on stage (imagine that?).  We are real rock n' roll musicians playing real rock n' roll music - a dying art form.

AZ:  What has been one of the most memorable memories for you as a band so far?
CK:  To this day, still one of the most memorable experiences for us as a band would be when we played War Pigs with Chris Cornell live at the Wiltern in LA.

AZ:  How has it been touring with Anberlin?
CK: Touring with Anberlin was a great time.  Super nice guys and they brought a consistently large audience.  Was a grueling tour though -hardly any time for relaxation!

AZ:  If you could change anything about the music industry, what would you want to change?
CK:  The music industry is always changing.  We focus on our art, and love of music.  Hopefully someday, that will have an impact on the industry.

AZ: What is your opinion on music pirating?
CK: Music pirating sucks for the artist, and is great for the listener.

AZ: What kind of advice could you give to aspiring singers and musicians?
CK: Our advice to aspiring singers and musicians?  They say hard work pays off - Crash Kings are a prime example of this.  Focus LESS attention on how you look, that comes later.  Put your energy into actually learning how to play an instrument, and don't stop learning. Focus on the MUSIC.  Take YEARS to learn your craft.  Not days or weeks or months.  Practice almost every day.  Learn from everyone.  Be a good person.  Eat your vegetables.

BONUS: Here is their latest music video, "Non Believer"!
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