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The Hot Sweat
Sandlot Hero4es
Sandlot Heroes
By Stephanie Mora --Regional Head, Pacific/Southwest

Less than a week ago we posted a short article about the band, Sandlot Heroes on the Musiqtone Blog along with the music video for their brand new single One Night Stand. The article received an overwhelming response and as promised, we put the guys of Sandlot Heroes on the Hot Seat! Band members: Dan Kastelnik, Jake Lare, Ans Gibson and Chris Morrison may compare themselves to the likes of Boys Like Girls and The All American Rejects, but they have a sound that is all their own. Their talent equals the above bands but their music is unique in both sound and lyrics. Sandlot Heroes might just be the perfect combination of pop and rock; having the good feel beats that make you want to dance but lyrical content that provides a rock edge. Check out Sandlot Heroes for yourselves on their facebook page: www.facebook.com/sandlotheroes. We promise you won't be disappointed.

In the meantime, get to know all about the band below with our exclusive Hot Seat. Learn how the band was formed, what it was like filming their music video for One Night Stand and what is in store for Sandlot Heroes this year.

Stephanie Mora: Could you please introduce yourselves (each member in the band), your role in the band, and just for fun give three adjectives that describe you best?
Sandlot Heroes: This is Dan Kastelnik, lead singer or Sandlot Heroes. I find myself to be happy, friendly and hard-working. I'm Jake Lare, I play Bass and I'm...Driving... Focused... Obsessed. My name is Ans Gibson, drummer. Three words, ambitious, motivated, yet laid-back. I'm Chris Morrison, the lead guitarist and I think I'm mostly curious, inquisitive and easy-going.

SM: By looking on your Facebook page, fans can see that the band was really completed when you found the last member by posting an ad on Craig's List. But can you kind of describe in more detail how the entire band was formed?
SH: Dan and Jake started playing together in the beginning of 2007. Like many other bands, there were a lot line up changes prior to finding Ans and Chris.  Ans's older brother Dave was Sandlot Heroes drummer for a while.  When Dave got engaged and started working more, Ans took over on drums, and it was a perfect fit!  Chris came into the picture a few months later in the beginning of 2009 after he saw a post on Craigslist.  We have been the band we were supposed to be ever since!

SM: How would you describe the sound of Sandlot Heroes? If you were promoting your band to those who have not heard your music before, what would you say to make them interested in listening?
SH: The term Pop Rock is thrown around a lot.  The best way I can describe us is Pop Radio Rock. We try to appeal to the widest range of people possible. We often describe ourselves to bands like The Goo Goo Dolls, The All American Rejects, and Boys Like Girls.

SM: Some of your singles have already achieved radio success by receiving radion play on your hometown radio station, B104. How does it feel to hear your music played on the radio?
SH: It feels Great!!!  We are so blessed to have our music on the radio. I'd say it's the coolest feeling when you just get in your car, turn on the radio, and your single is playing.  

SM: You guys released your debut album, Pretend That We're Famous back in October of 2009. Can you describe the recording process and the inspiration behind the album?
SH: We recorded with our producer Adam Richman in New York, New York. Dan and Jake wrote and demoed close to 100 songs before picking the 10 best to record with Adam.  When we were in the studio we would stay up for 15 hours a day recording, and doing take after take, to make sure that everything was the best it could be.  As far as the meaning goes behind the record... the band is at an age where it seems like the world is on top of you.  The ages of the band are 19, 20, 23, and 23 years old.  Many of these songs are about transition and the search for what you want in life.  The songs are also tied in with many relationships, but I think those two go hand in hand.

SM: Recently you released the single One Night Stand, which is an unbelievably catchy song. Why did you choose to release One Night Stand as a single?
SH: Going back to what I said about being at a transition age, it just made sense to release One Night Stand as a single. The hook of the song is "I don't even know who you are, but I want to touch you baby".  After high school ended, I (Jake) started to notice that almost every college party was the same. People were going out and having a good time with their friends. I noticed that at dance parties people really didn't know each other, but that didn't matter because all they wanted to do was dance. One Night Stand isn't about promoting the fact that you should have a one night stand. It is just simply stating it for what it is. I'm not saying it's a good thing or a bad thing. I just wanted to write a song from an outsiders view.

SM: The music video to One Night Stand is a very fun and lively music video. What was it like to shoot? Where did the idea for the video come from?
SH: It was an awesome shoot, with an awesome crew behind it. Ans, Dan, and Mike Ragone, director at DeCheser Media came up with the whole idea of shooting it at a big mansion. The shoot went from about 10 in the morning to 1 at night. It was especially a lot of fun to shoot the live scene of the band playing!

SM: Moving on to tour like questions, you recently opened for Action Item on their New Year's Resolution tour. What was that experience like?
SH: It was a great tour. The guys in Action Item were super cool guys, and we had a blast. We got to play in front of hundreds of new kids every night. It is such an honor to have all of those kids come up to you after the show, and tell you how much they loved your set, and how they are a new devoted fan.

SM: Do you have more shows planned?
SH: Yes... a ton!

SM: If you could tour with any band/artist, who would you want to tour with and why?
SH: Jimmy Eat World, The Script, Lady Gaga, Neon Trees, this list could go on forever! Any great artist that is where we want to be at in our career.

SM: What plans or goals do you have for the band in 2011?
SH: Release a new album and tour extensively!

SM: Anything else you would like to add to your fans and the Musiqtone visitors?  
SH: Hope you all like the video for One Night Stand, and make sure to check out the rest of our music and talk to us on www.facebook.com/sandlotheroes

The Hot Serat
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