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The Hot Sweat
By Justyna Zurek-- Staff Writer, Midwest

Amely is the latest in a line of fast emerging alt-rock bands with powerpop leanings to break out in 2010. Their stagecraft, explosive but spirited sound and snappy songwriting got them signed to indie power Fearless Records (Breathe Carolina, Artist Vs. Poet, Plain White T's, The Maine) early this year. You can catch them on tour with Every Avenue, Sing It Loud, There for Tomorrow and The Secret Handshake on tour at a venue near you. If you happen to miss that, you can catch them with equally fast emerging band We Are In The Crowd in mid to late August!

Here is our interview with the guys at the Chicago tour stop of the tour at venerable venue The Metro with our Justyna Zurek.

Video: Edited by Alexandra Zawada, I Asst, Regional Head, Midwest
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The Hot Serat
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