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The Hot Sweat
We Are In The Crowd
By Alexandra Zawada-- I Asst. Regional Head, Midwest

These days, most artists are leaning towards modernizing their music and sticking to our current time period - however, sometimes you need a little blast to the past. With Rooney's latest album, Eureka, (and all of their albums) you can go back in time and catch a glimpse of The Beach Boys with a twist of Rooney added into it. Not only do these men work hard to create the sound they have, they have been working hard for many years now on keeping Rooney alive. From touring with big name artists such as Kelly Clarkson and Weezer, they have recently taken on the challenge of becoming an independent band. On Saturday August 14th, Rooney had their second Chicago show on their tour with Hanson. We were able to sit down and chat with them about their journey when creating their latest album 'Eureka', as well as the effects of illegal downloading among many other aspects. We would appreciate your feedback on our Rooney Video Blog as well as ways we can bring you closer to your favorite artists in the future.

The V-Log: Video footage taken by Justyna Zurek, staff writer, Midwest
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