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The Rescues
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By Stephanie Mora-- Regional Head, Pacific/Southwest

Two guys and two girls came together to form this unique, Los Angeles based band, The Rescues. Adrianne Gonzalez, Rob Giles, Gabriel Mann and Kyler England all came together to make beautiful music with perfect harmonies. Chances are you probably already know about them or you have heard them with out even realizing it. Their singles have been featured on hit television shows like Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Drop dead Diva, etc. And with the release of their debut album Let Loose The Horses back in June on Universal Records, The Rescues is a band that is quickly rising. Their music is special in the way that you will feel the music and lyrics in your core and relate to them in a way you never thought possible. You can catch them on tour right now and for more information on The Rescues, check out www.myspace.com/therescues.

Stephanie Mora: Can you please introduce yourselves and your role in the band for the Musiqtone visitors?
The Rescues: There are four of us: Adrianne Gonzalez, Gabriel Mann, Rob Giles and me- Kyler England.  We all sing lead, harmony, play multiple instruments and write the songs together.

SM: The band formed in a unique way. Can you describe how all four of you came together to make music for our readers?
TR: We had each been pursuing solo artist careers and knew of each other from the LA music scene.  We were fans of each other and had shared stages, sung on each other's records and even written songs together but it would never have occurred to any of us to form a band.  A friend actually suggested it and we ended up doing it for one show and the chemistry and response was so positive that we did it again...and again...and started writing songs together and never looked back.  

SM: Was there a specific or defining moment in time when you, as individuals, realized that making music together as a band was what you wanted to do?
TR: I actually think that first writing session for the new album when we wrote the title track "Let Loose the Horses" sealed the deal for us.  We knew we had something special, a kind of chemistry that comes along very rarely.  For myself, I've found it's not often that you find writing partners that inspire and challenge you as much as my bandmates do.  And on top of that I'm a fan of all three of them so it's a joy to get to hear them sing every night on tour and on the record.  

SM: How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard your music before?
TR: Music you can sing along to, which takes you on a journey, moves you, and makes you feel the way you felt when you heard your favorite band for the first time.  Thoughtful, melodic rock music.

SM: Who are your musical influences, if any? And in what particular way have they influenced your own music?
TR: We're all fans of lots of different music - some possible influences are: Radiohead, The Police, Death Cab for Cutie, Tool, Indigo Girls, Jonatha Brooke, U2. If you listen to our record you'll hear pieces of all of these and more, but we take the singing to a different place than most of these.  In general, because we have a diverse set of influences, you'll also find that our album is quite diverse stylistically.

SM:You recently just released your debut album Let Loose The Horses. Can you describe the recording/songwriting process? What was the inspiration behind the album?
TR: It's hard to condense the process into a sentence, as with every song we did something a little different in terms of the writing and the production.  We got together in January of 2009 to write for the first time together as a band, and by the end of that month we had about 75% of the album written, and production was well underway on most of these.  By the time that month had elapsed we realized we had what would likely be most of our record, and over the next few months we finished the writing and continued recording through the fall.  It was basically a year from start to finish.  The inspiration came from just being together and being inspired by each other's talents and abilities.  Every day something new would come up from somebody else, and as a team we chiseled away until the album basically appeared before us.

SM: Do you have a favorite song off of the album?
TR: I think it depends on the day honestly.  There are so many different emotions coming through in each of our songs, at least for me/us, that each song represents/brings out different emotions in me.  However, currently?  The City and the River.  I love the way we described love between two completely unrelated things.  

SM: How was it decided that Break Me Out would be the featured single?
TR: We feel like Break me Out is a song that can reach the widest possible audience.  And we want to START there (-: Then that way, hopefully, our quirkier/more emotional songs will also reach that same audience.

SM: Break Me Out has had huge success and has been featured on hit TV shows such as Grey's Anatomy and Drop Dead Diva. How does it feel to hear your single on television?
TR: It never gets old. And it never doesn't make me feel like this is what I'm meant to do.  And it's ALWAYS fun (-:  We will often times have parties at one of our houses and celebrate, because it doesn't really matter how many times we are featured on TV...it's never not worth celebrating!

SM: Can you describe the process of putting together a live show. What goes into this process? How much time does it take?
TR: It's a wild process for us because so often we literally have to learn new instruments, and we try to  challenge each other consistently to make sure we push ourselves to the point of discomfort.  We try to raise the bar slowly, and so rehearsing for tours can be a practice in patience and faith. But when it comes together it is a feeling like taking flight. IT's a lot of fun to hear it come together.    

SM: What is your favorite song to play live and why?
TR: I love to play Follow me back into the sun.  It's a of concentration to have the complex rhythms and vocals and to pour all the emotional weight that the song begs for.  It's a lot, from us all, and when we pull it off, you can really feel the audience and everyone ... The tension and release is palpable.  That's fun.

SM: As kind of a wrap up question, what are some of the band's goals for 2010? What can fans expect from you in the future?
TR: We have turned a corner live, and it feels really good.  The show is bigger and tighter and more vibrant than we ever even dreamed it to be.  I thi we want to continue down the path of seeing how much we can develop the paasion and focus and drive and simply the entertainment value of the show.  It's  Fun.  Its getting better and better.

SM: Is there anything else you would like to add for the Musiqtone readers?
TR: Buy records. Buy downloads. Never steal music cuz its really not cool to steal. And we all know it. Just because you can't touch it, doesn't mean it isn't there.    

The Hot Serat
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