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The Hot Sweat
Action Item
Action Item
By Stephanie Mora --Regional Head, Pacific/Southwest

If you listen to Radio Disney, chances are you have heard the band Action Item playing once or twice. Actually, you have probably heard them a dozen times. Action Item's single Somewhere Out There has been a big hit on Radio Disney, receiving the biggest fan response when it was origially picked to play on air and it's now climbing up the Top 30 countdown. The guys of Action Item: Brian Cag, Anthony Li, Mark Shami, David Buczkowski and Dan Brozek are currently on the road with Allstar Weekend on the Suddenly Yours Tour. If you've been to a show, chances are you have seen them around greeting fans and promoting themselves. Action Item is currently unsigned but that hasn't stopped their popularity from rapidly increasing. Their latest EP The Stronger The Love is available on Itunes and it has already sold 5,000 copies. If the response they've been getting from the Radio Disney and the Suddenly Yours tour is any indication they won't remain unsigned for much longer. And quite frankly these guys have the talent and connection with their fans to back it up.

Back on November 7th, 2010, I was able to see Action Item perform in Denver as part of the Suddenly Yours tour and catch up with them afterwards. Their performance was full of energy and they related well to the crowd. You can tell that they put their heart and soul into every performance. After they performed, I was able to catch up with Brian, Anthony and Mark and ask them a few questions for Musiqtone. Watch as they answer question about tour and questions you sent it!

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The Hot Serat
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