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Carly Rae Jepsen | Dedicated

Label: Interscope
Release Date: May 17, 2019
Rating:  -- 3.5 out of 5
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May 22, 2019
By Amaris Rodriguez
The beloved Canadian pop singer, who became a worldwide sensation with her chart-topping track “Call Me Maybe” released her fourth studio album titled Dedicated on May 17th which solidifies her as a true Pop artist.

The album is one hundred percent a dance pop album and lacks any real diversity from that title but sometimes you need an album to dance too. If so, “Dedicated” is right up that alley. Will it on constant replay for my everyday life soundtrack, no, but it does provide great tracks for a girl’s night out or when you just need to dance in your living room. Jepsen, who has long been seen as an underdog in the pop music scene since the hype around “Call Me Maybe” died down, has delivered a strong album with Dedicated, which should not go unseen, let alone unheard.

“Julien,” the first track on the album starts off with a quirky beat that picks up momentum with drums less than thirty seconds in, making you bob your head along with the beat, setting up the feel for the whole album. Jepsen’s vocals are wispy and airy which complement the lyrics of the song perfectly as chimes in the background add a touch of magic to the song.

As the album continues, the vibe pretty much stays consistent throughout the next couple of tracks. “Want You In My Room,” the fourth track on the album brings forward a retro 80’s pop aesthetic that allowed the track to stand out from the others on the first half of the album. Produced and co-written by Jack Antonoff, who helped produce Taylor Swift’s hit album 1989, the track incorporates an infectious beat and fun lyrics, blending them together to give us pop song perfection.

“Happy Not Knowing,” can also be included under pop perfection for Jepsen, as it follows the formula for a great pop track: a catchy beat you can dance too plus catchy lyrics.

The track that stood out from the rest of the album is “The Sound.” Starting out on a slower pace, which will pick up slightly as it progresses, the track is about yearning for someone to prove that they love you rather than just saying it, hence the lyrics “I don’t need the words, I want the sound.”

“Feels Right,” is the one duet on the album ft. Electric Guest, an L.A based-band, and also offers up a strong pop hit. The vocals provided by Electric Guest’s lead singer Asa Taccone, complement the rhythm and beat of the dance track while also working with Jepsen’s to great a promising duet.

While the rest of the songs on Dedicated are your typical pop songs, there is no denying that Jepsen is able to put out a proper pop album. Fans will appreciate Jepsen’s dedication to her sound and will find tracks on Dedicated that will get them dancing, which is the strongest redeeming quality of this album.
Amaris E. Rodriguez is a senior at Northeastern Illinois University perusing her BA in English and Journalism. She serves as the Opinions Editor and Co-Managing Editor for NEIU’s award-winning newspaper, the Independent. Rodriguez first developed a passion for journalism in her “Into to Journalism” class, which led to becoming a staff writer for online music blog, Musiqtone, in 2012. Aside from writing for the newspaper, Rodriguez enjoys creative writing, songwriting, movies, reading a good young adult novel and random road trips with no actual destination. Her goals include writing for The New York Times and being on the New York Times Bestseller List.
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