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Release Date: March 08,, 2019
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March 28, 2019
By Amaris Rodriguez
Country singer Maren Morris’s sophomore album Girl was released on March 8th, crushing the pressure of producing another hit album after the iconic release of her debut “Hero.” The album broke the record for the largest debut streaming week for a country album by a woman. Morris also reached the Billboard Top Country Albums chart, hitting Number 1.

When a debut artist reaches great success with their first album, their sophomore album is looked at as an indicator if they are more than just a one hit wonder. With the numbers that Girl is pulling in, no one can doubt Morris, if they ever had.   

The album immediately starts with the title track, “Girl.” The song has already been received with a lot of praises. Morris’s voice sings a powerful anthem to girls and women everywhere about not losing hope and not giving up on themselves. The emotional words really hit home, which is why the song became popular. Still showing off a little bit of country vocals, the song has more pop influences than songs on her previous album. The song is good, but it isn’t great.

A catchier song comes right after with “The Feels.” This song will do just that. It’s got a dancing beat that will make you swing your hips and sultry fast paced lyrics that you will want to sing along too immediately, even while you stumble on the words as you learn them.

Morris’s husband co-wrote one of the party song tracks on the album, which happens to be a duet with country duo The Brothers Osborne. “All My Favorite People” features loud guitars that play while Morris sings, “don't know about them, but I know about us It is what it is and we love who we love Not everybody gets what we're going through But all my favorite people do.” The lyrics are simple but relatable, and in country music that is what sells for a party anthem.

One of the strongest written songs on the album is “A Song for Everything.” Honoring all the songs that came before and played as a soundtrack to different moments in people’s lives, “A Song for Everything” is the song of the album.

The Brothers Osbourne aren’t the only artists making a cameo on Morris’s album. Brandi Carlile, the singer-songwriter who stole the show at The Grammys sings with Morris on “Common.” The mixture of their powerful vocals will make the listener want more duets from these two singers, who used this song to express just as powerful emotions.

The sound of the album changes almost immediately with “Flavor,” which offers a sultry feel and a clever way of telling off the haters. “Make Out With Me” follows and while the lyrics are clever the song really fails to reach its full potential, as it seems short and rushed. “Gold Love” is a great track with Morris’s sultry tone hits high notes throughout, adding a nice touch with a chanting bridge.

Love is a main topic throughout this album, which is surprising based off the lyrics and commercial push of Girl. “Great Ones” and “Bones” both talk about strong relationships and are the strongest love songs, especially “Great Ones” with lyrics “lighting in a bottle doesn't happen twice, the kind of gospel that saves you just in time, the myth of me and you is fiction turned to truth, most loves don't make it through, but the great ones do.”

The album definitely plays with a variety of different sounds, making an eclectic sound that can’t be heard on a female country singer’s album right now. While it is not fully country, Morris still delivered and will reach new fans with her sophomore album Girl.
Amaris E. Rodriguez is a senior at Northeastern Illinois University perusing her BA in English and Journalism. She serves as the Opinions Editor and Co-Managing Editor for NEIU’s award-winning newspaper, the Independent. Rodriguez first developed a passion for journalism in her “Into to Journalism” class, which led to becoming a staff writer for online music blog, Musiqtone, in 2012. Aside from writing for the newspaper, Rodriguez enjoys creative writing, songwriting, movies, reading a good young adult novel and random road trips with no actual destination. Her goals include writing for The New York Times and being on the New York Times Bestseller List.
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