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Muse | Absolution

Label:  Warner Bros. Records
Release Date: September 15, 2003
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December 19, 2003
By Ryan Cerbus

One of the greatest bands that I’ve ever heard is virtually unknown in the U.S. The band is the U.K. rock band Muse . Their latest album is called Absolution, and I was completely stunned by its quality.

Absolution is solid rock, with amazing vocals, hardcore guitar riffs, and unique blends of electronic synthesizers and strings ensembles.

No one sounds like Muse. Their sound is both unique and incredible. The opening tracks of "Intro" to and the actual song "Apocalypse Please" have really cool, adrenaline-pumping beats that seem almost military. "Time Is Running Out" follows with equally invigorating beats, riffs, and a crazy synthesizer line that sets the tone for the whole song. It’s not all fast-paced and hardcore, though. Muse has a soulful side that is just as dramatic and emotional as their harder rock songs, as demonstrated in "Falling Away With You."

You can’t write about Muse and not mention lead singer Matthew Bellamy's voice. The vocals on Absolution are just incredible. Bellamy’s range is amazing, and he uses it to his full advantage.

Muse’s last album, Origin of Symmetry, wasn’t released domestically, and it doesn’t look like there is going to be a big push to get this one released in the U.S., either. But, in my humble opinion, Absolution is well worth the few extra bucks for the import.

I would also suggest looking some of their other albums as well, like Origin of Symmetry and Showbiz.

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