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Thursday, May 13th
A Love Like Pi
Beth In Battle Mode

An exclusive interview with Musiqtone
Cynthia: Let's start off by introducing yourselves to our readers and giving them the short and sweet of what you're all about please boys. 

Andrew: Hi, I'm Andrew. 
Edward: Hello my name is Edward.

C: When and how did Beth In Battle Mode officially become a band?

E: About a year and a half ago, I think.  At least 2 other bands had to die to make BIBM a reality.
A: I'm not sure we've ever officially become a band.  Our band papers have yet to be processed by the Canadian government

C: Describe your sound in ten words or less without making reference to any other bands.

A: Only if you describe your writing in ten words or less without using the English language. 
E: The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

C: Now you can compare a little bit.  Fill in the blank.  If someone listens to __________, they will most likely enjoy Beth In Battle Mode.  If someone listens to __________, they will most likely not enjoy Beth In Battle Mode.  

A: a) pipe and drum military bands, b) their high school guidance counsellor
E: The answer to both is: Prog Rock.

C: I read on your myspace that blog TO said, "'No Feeling' might just be the catchiest song EVER." (which is pretty accurate because ive been singing it since nxne...or trying to...really I've just been mumbling what i think you're saying, which brings me to the most important point of this should post the lyrics!)  What song are you currently singing in the shower, and pretty much everywhere else, despite your best efforts not to?

A: This changes hourly, so right now, it's "Milwaukee, Here I Come" by George Jones & Brenda Carter. 
E: That new crazy Prog Rock song by the White Stripes is in my head a lot! 
As for lyrics…maybe we’ll list them on the next record…maybe. 

C: What newer artists strike your fancy? What older artists have withheld the test of time on your playlists?

A: I don't listen to newer artists, because they're our competition and must be rooted out so that we can achieve global domination.  Older artists?  Teenage Fanclub, The Zombies, and Debussy.
E: New eh? Lots of stuff I guess…I’m fascinated by Crystal Castles – they sound like my childhood.

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C: What exactly does your name mean? Cliche question, yes, but fairly applicable and necessary in this case.  Does Beth exist?

A: There are many Beths, yes.  Some famous ones include Beth Orton, Queen Elizabeth of England (I and II), and that song "Beth" by KISS. 
E: My wife's name is Beth. She will beat you at any word game.

C: You guys recently played NXNE and you're doing a show in Toronto next month.  Any plans to tour or for shows after that? 

A: We'd love to.  We just need various city and town councils to provide us with the key to their respective cities and towns so we can get in.

C: Do you prefer playing a live show or recording in the studio. Why?  
E: That's like asking to compare LEGO and Contrux! The answer is clearly LEGO.

C: Any thoughts on the current state of popular music?! If you could change one thing about it, what would it be?  Ideally, what sort of impact would you like to have on the music industry?

A: This is technically three questions in one.  Don't think you can pull a fast one like that on us! 
E: iPods are really neat and everything – but they are like the nail in the coffin of people actually listening to full albums…they really good at nurturing our short attention spans.  I dunno, I guess having a really good live show is the key….since record sales are slipping so drastically. I think our pre-recorded vocal tracks have really helped us out on that front!

C: Your myspace account boasts that you don't believe in record labels.  What exactly is it about record labels that leaves a sour taste in your mouth?

A: It's not record labels we don't believe in--it's labels, period.   I have a lot of cardboard boxes and Tupperware filled with stuff, and I don't even know what's in them.

C: Let's say you were approached tomorrow and offered a multimillion dollar recording deal with a huge label, would you be willing to change your beliefs? (If you say no.......Then if your long term goal as a band is not to be signed to a major label, what exactly do you want to accomplish?)  

E: We would sign it so we could all actually afford to buy homes in Toronto, quit our day jobs and buy killer new bicycles!

C: Where do you guys hope to be as a band five years down the road?

A: Churchill, Manitoba. 
E: Casino RAMA! If we’re lucky!!!

C: Spice Girls Reunion: excited or annoyed? 
A: Annoyingly excited. 
E: Hmmm…is this even happening??? CHUMBAWUMBA are playing at The Hillside Music Festival in Guelph this summer – which is much more bizarre. I’m there!

C: Justin Timberlake: genius or overrated? 

A: Overrated genius. 
E: He's an underrated genius for his super impressive ability to somehow keep his dignity while being assailed by water bottles care of AC/DC fans at large outdoor charity concerts. NOT easy! 

C: Glass: half empty or half full?

A: Beautiful when stained.  Really works well in religious settings. 
E: Let me get back to you on this one. 

C: Fantasy Band Draft: if you could make one big supergroup, who would be in it?

A: Years ago, I had a dream that I was in a band called "Flash Poppa" with Jon Spencer on guitar, myself on keyboards and Beck playing timbales--though he kept messing up his parts because he was more interested in trying to annoy Isaac Hayes.  Anyway, it sounded totally amazing so I'd try to make that happen--Isaac Hayes included.  Though I'd definitely change the name.
E: I think I’d keep the band as it is…maybe add Sting on bass. He has a lot of nice vests.

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