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Thursday, January 20th
Interview: Chris Woods
Chris Woods
Chris Woods

An exclusive interview with Musiqtone
Chris Woods
Watch out Ryan Cabrera and John Mayor, Chris Woods is definitely in the house. Or as most of you know him, aka... LudaChris. The funny and Charming 20 year old Rock/Pop/Acoustic musician from Douglas Georgia has got a lot up his sleeves for the new year. Right now he's working on his first independent CD "Still Waiting," which should be out by Christmas. He is also working his way up booking shows in the South by grasping the support of his fans in his own hometown. This hipster has got a bright and successful future in front of him. Thankfully, we got a chance to talk to Chris and now you the viewers have a chance to get to know a little more about this young phenomenon.

Rita: Okay so Chris when did your passion for music first start? How old were you?
Chris Woods: Music was a big part of my life at an early age. I've been told that the best way my parents could get me to shut up when I was a baby was to ride me around with the cd player turned up. I was prolly 4 or 5 when I annouced to the world that I would be a rock star.

Rita: How did it feel when you started playing the guitar?
Chris Woods: I felt pretty much like I had cool points for learning how to play. I remember every girl that I met.... I just had to show off. I got on my parents nerves because everything that I learned ... I wanted to show em and that my hard work payed off. When I first got a guitar i locked myself in my room listenin to john mayer, howie day, ryan cabrera. So i prolly spent 5 or more hours a day with my guitar.

Rita: That's totally awesome! Wow you have a major zeal for this stuff! So tell me what keeps the flames burning? I mean obviously every musician has a philosophy or a belief behind their work, what does yours say?
Chris Woods: Well i believe music is a gateway to say the things that u cant really say.... like maybe u dont have the guts to say exactly how u feel... maybe ur afraid if u just say it that people will judge u or think differently of u. Sometimes its hard to say exactly how u feel . its helped me say so much and so many different things.... when it was hard to spit out face to face or over the phone.

Rita: Okay! So out of all the songs that you wrote which song is the most meaningful to you?
Chris Woods: Actually, I will probably never answer admit to this again... mainly because I hate playing this song for that reason.... but Walking Away. I say that because its about a relationship that changed me completely for good and bad. That was a moment when I couldnt quite express the feeling and thoughts I had to my girlfriend at the time. Haha well what can i say im a hopeless romantical type guy

Rita: Yes you are and i speak for every girl when i say aaawe lol. okay so away from the nitty gritty stuff for now!!! so down to business! what kind of music do you listen to that none of your friends nor fans would ever expect you to listen to?
Chris Woods: Hmm... my peeps know me so well..... i pretty much listen to everything from hardcore stuff like Norma Jean and Poison the Well to stuff like Keith Urban. I dig the old acoustic/rock/pop stuff though. Maybe some peeps dont know that about me but i dig the Van Morrison, Paul Simon, Cat Stevens, Jeff Buckley, the Police etc. that type of stuff. I love it! The acoustic scene is usually what im into more though....probably the thing most peeps would laugh about is prolly my veronicas cd. I cant help it yo! Haha they are hot as crap something about those catchy rocker chick songs makes me dig em.

Rita: Chris if you can have dinner with any three people, who would it be with? Dead or alive!
Chris Woods: This is the most popular interview question and it ALWAYS gets answered different lol but im gonna go with john lennon, elvis, and little 8 lbs. 7 oz. baby jesus.

Rita: Then which three bands or artists would you like to share the stage with?
Chris Woods: john mayer, ryan cabrera, the police

Rita: The fans love you but they also love to laugh. So got any funny or maybe even embarrassing stories to tell?
Chris Woods: hmmmm... okay... well ...first off let me say i think its cool to go comando sometimes lol. And im in a club that brings together other comando peeps. and if yall dont like it we will form together and stand up for it. but i was playin a show. and that night i just happened to go comando and my pants fell...and...yeah thank God it was a small crowd that night haha.

Rita ShabaRita Shaba is the chief head of features and interviews at Musiqtone. You can reach her at ritashaba@musiqtone.com.
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