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Saturday, February 24th
News Interview: October Fall
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October Fall
October Fall

An exclusive interview with Musiqtone
October Fall
Erica: How old were you when you first starting playing drums?
Nick: 8th grade...so...13ish|

Erica: Do you play any other instruments?
Nick: guitar bass, and a little piano... and sing

Erica: Was music something you always wanted to do?
Nick: yeah... that pretty much what I spent all of my high school time doing

Erica: awesome
Erica: Who are your main influences in your music and career?
Nick: well on drums it started with Travis barker... but I also love jimmy eat world, eve 6 and third eye blind and things like that

Erica: We ask everyone this: what is your philosophy on music?
Nick: I think that music is another language that people use to communicate feeling and things that they couldn't say by just speaking
Nick: like sometimes music will trigger emotions and memories and well I don't really know how to type what I’m trying to say

Erica: that’s ok that’s a good answer
Erica: Why is music so important to you?
Nick: well besides the fact that it pretty much one of the only things I’m reasonably good at... I just love everything about it
Nick: its fun... it has allowed me to do things I’ve only dreamed of...like touring and meeting new people and going different places...

Erica: yeah definitely
Nick: like we're going to Japan in June... I prob would have never gone to Japan if we weren't touring there

Erica: wow that’s amazing!
Nick: and I’m excited as hell

Erica: yeah I bet!|
Erica: What are some of your goals, short and in the long term?
Nick: well first off I’d like October Fall to become successful because I know that it's hard for bands to stay popular for long periods of time, so I want us to become big enough that I can accomplish my other music goals...
Nick: like I want to write other kinds of music, I used to be a big pop punk/ ska kid, and I’d love to be a front man in a band like that, plus I’d also like to produce bands and I love recording too
Nick: and if I have the time I love the business part of the music industry too, and want to own an indie label
Nick: so... hopefully I can get around to doing some of that before I die

Erica: I'm sure you will achieve all of your goals!
Nick: thanks

Erica: How did you guys form October Fall?
Nick: well it was originally pat as an acoustic thing, then he asked Clark to join him as an acoustic twosome (they were friends for a long time)
Nick: then they decided that it'd be better if they were a full band... so... this is where it gets tricky...
Nick: the original drummer lived across the street from pat, and he was friends with our piano player Owen, so the old drummer invited Owen to a practice once and he played with them, and that’s how he got in the band, then pat went to school with our old bass player, who transferred schools to my school....

Erica: wow this is a tricky story haha
Nick: him and I were friends and when they kicked out the old drummer he asked me to join (the old bass player)... then recently he left and we got our new bass player Greg... who had filled in for Owen once on piano at a couple of shows because Owen lung had collapsed
Nick: weird huh

Erica: yeah but thank god you joined the band!
Erica: ok so maybe this won’t be as tricky...how did the band come up with the name October Fall?
Nick: it’s a line from a get up kids song
Nick: and pat thought it sounded pretty sweet

Erica: haha yeah it does sound pretty sweet!
Erica: You have toured with an array of artists such as Ashlee Simpson, The Click Five, The Veronicas, and now your playing at the Black Clouds and Underdogs Tour with Fall Out Boy and All American Rejects, but if you could pick one band to open for you who would it be and why?
Nick: I’d prob want to open for blink 182

Erica: that would be a fun show…
Nick: just because over my musical career those guys made me want to do what I do the most, I’d watch all these videos of them, and it just looked like so much fun
Nick: part of me wants to tour with jimmy eat world, but I look so highly about those guys that I think it might spoil my image of them if I actually got to hang out with them... to me jimmy eat world are gods

Erica: that would be another amazing tour..Maybe you should reconsider! Haha
Erica: Have you had any crazy fan moments?
Nick: ummm. I had some girls call my house once at like 1:30 in the morning, and well I’m 19 and still live at home with my family, and it was really creepy
Nick: it really pissed off my sister who had work the next morning at 5

Erica: wow they actually called your house?! That’s crazy
Erica: ok so...What do you think sets you apart from other bands?|
Nick: not sure really... we just never tried to sound like anyone... i like our blend of rock and pop, and how we use piano and mix in digital samples and stuff in the music... but yeah, we just try to be ourselves
Nick: plus i especially since we're on an indie label, we def aren't your stereotypical scene band, but we're alot more rock than most popish bands

Erica: yeah thats what i love about you guys...your a unique blend of everything
Nick: thanks
Nick: you're a sweetheart

Erica: alright now for The Burn:
Erica: hahaha thanks
Erica: Something you'd be doing if it weren't for music?
Nick: male escort

Erica: What's the last song you listened to on your ipod/cd player?
Nick: I have a friend from high school who’s been recording a lot of things lately, and I’ve been listening to that a lot
Nick: the bands called for the birds

Erica: oh ill defintely check them out
Erica: What can't you live without as a musician?
Nick: http://www.myspace.com/forthebirdsband

Erica: haha thanks
Nick: no prob
Nick: do you mean on tour or?

Erica: umm anything really
Nick: well I’m not sure... I’ve got access to recording whenever I want it... and that helps a lot, and I’d be bummed if I didn't have that... but I’m not really sure
Nick: sorry

Erica: haha nope that’s fine
Erica: What's your dream venue to play in?
Nick: I’ve never played a house of blues yet, and I’d like to do that some day... but threes a theater in the town that I live in and- was just saved from being knocked down, and right now they show Hollywood movies there, but they used to have concerts there, and a long time ago it used to be a vaudeville theater, and I was in the group that saved it from being knocked down... so I want to have that place refurbished to how it used to be like in the 20's , and then play there
Nick: sorry that was a long ass answer
Nick: it's called the Des Plaines Theater

Erica: haha that’s ok
Erica: Any music none of your friends(or fans) would expect you to listen to?
Nick: I’m always listening to jimmy eat world... I’ve been listening to a lot of just surrender, my American heart, the veronicas, and relient k lately

Erica: Any non-musical talents?
Nick: I can juggle... I’ve been told I’m pretty good in bed... umm I can talk to animals

Erica: haha
Erica: Favorite food?
Nick: Chicago pizza and hotdogs

Erica: Ice cream flavor?
Nick: basking robins pink bubble gum

Erica: alright well that’s all my questions! Thank you sooooo much for you time! Anything you want to add?
Nick: umm not really... maybe buy the cd and yeah

Erica HahnErica Hahn is an interviewer with Musiqtone.  You can contact her with questions and comments at ericahahn@musiqtone.com

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