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Saturday, February 24th
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Kelly Kellam
Kelly Kellam

An exclusive interview with Musiqtone
Kelly Kellam
In August 2005, Musiqtone introduced the music world to a duo from New Mexico, Dex & Kelly. The duo were college buddies from the University of New Mexico and brought their take on acoustic sounds to all over the state. Back then, we compared them to Ryan Cabrera meets Savage Garden. Now, more tahn 6 months later, both have gone their separate ways but have remained friends. Now emerging from the former Dex & Kelly is Kelly Kellam and he sits down into the hot seat with MT's Brittany Kane.

Brittany Kane: So Kelly, how’s life treating you?|
Kelly Kellam: well... I move out of Albuquerque next Wednesday to Las Vegas… to officially start my solo project titled   “Heart Stop GO”

BK: How did you get signed with Olympus Records?|
KK: well... we began a working relationship June of last year… while I was in the group "Dex and Kelly", we had a show with FLETCH... and we let them stay at our apartment... and we just became real good friends...|
KK: Then when D&K had a show in Las Vegas in october, they let us stay there..   Fletch actually stareted the label... Now they have National Distribution and one of the largest promotions network established...
KK: Olympus and Battleborn Records merged to make this a perfect business marriage

BK: Why did you decide to go solo?
KK: My previous group D&K all had different ideas, and directions we wanted to go...so we had a mutual agreement to all go solo..  You can find Dex's solo project at www.myspace.com/dex22music

BK: How long have you been performing?
KK: well...the first time i really preformed in front of any sort of crowd was in the 8th grade talent show...lol.   I played and sang Third Eye Blind, Semi charmed life...lol

BK: What inspires you and your lyrics?
KK: strength...   tough times, vulnerability, love, and fear

BK: What do you want listeners to get out of your lyrics?
KK: The feeling that they dont understand, but it is a song written about something going on in there life... that it was written for them
KK: and with the sad songs.... that someone else has been there...and made it through...
KK: when i hear a good song or great music... first thing i do is try to share it with EVERYONE... and i hope people feel that way about me.

BK: How old were you when you learned how to play guitar?
KK: either 6-7th grade...my parents got divorced... so i taught myself how to play guitar so i would have something in common with my dad when i visited him... and I took dance lessons with my mom to spend time with her...for about 8 years off and on…

BK: so your dad was musical
KK: yeah... nmy favorite memory when i was little...we would sit around the living room about once a week...and Dad would just play old songs from Kenny Rogers, CSN, America, The Beatles, and he would always try to figure out some new song, but would stumble through it... it was always fun...

BK: Who are the influences in your music and in your own career?
KK: I listen to alot of Goo Goo Dolls, Life house, John Mayer, Dave Matthews, Secondhand Seranade, Dashboard Confessional, Counting Crows, and alot of classic stuff like, Crosby Stills and Nash, and America
KK: if it wasnt for FLETCH last year... I would be way behind where i am now... they instilled the idea of MARKETING in me... dont just have great music... you have to work just as hard times 2 at promoteing it so people know you have great music...

BK: so do you know about the business behind your music?
KK: Most musicians fail i think because they dont have the drive to work hard at promotions end of it... and in todays world that is pathetic...  we have the number one marketing tool of all time that is free!  MYSPACE!  I see artists on here that have 2 year old accounts with 2000 views... I started my solo profile at the end of January this year and have close to 16000 already...
KK: I know what i have experienced so far... but there is far more i must learn...

BK: so how do you promote for yourself?
KK: I target general demographics in what ever area i will be next... add about 3000 people from that area... then try to msg and communicate with as many of them as i can...( i tend to exceed my daily usuage limit on msgs though)

BK: What is your philosophy on music?
KK: you can’t just be a one sided artist and share with them... until you have sold 5 million albums...   let them share something about themselves with you... they will be better fans...and longer...
KK: plus then you know your fans...
KK: it’s alot more fun playing for friends... so try to become that with them you know

BK: Why is music important to you?|
KK: because it is all i am...

BK: If you weren’t doing this, what would you be doing?
KK: Well I was in the US Air Force before... until i got hurt july 14 2003, nearly died and they medically retired me december of 2004
KK: But other than that... I would be a comedian, or and actor...

BK: were you in high school plays?
KK: haha...musically yes…I played in a rock band for the shcool's production of Grease
KK: so instead of doing the play with a sound track running... they had a live band play all the music

KK: And i was modeling right be fore i got hurt too... just got an Abercrombie Contract...

BK: What are you goals, short and in the long term?
KK: no matter what i do...I won’t let myself be anything but successful
KK: now i have to figure out what success is to me... so i dont get washed up in the wrong idea of it... I want to be a top Billboard artist... But i really want to Cross over and be one of Hollywood’s top actors...

BK: so what time frame are you giving yourself?
KK: I just roll with the punches... I learned from my recovery that if you live your life around time lines... you get very dissapointed alot... so take things in stride and roll with the best opportunity that arises...

BK: What’s playing on your iPod right now?
KK: Seconhand serenade - Maybe (www.myspace.com/secondhandserenade ) , Meg and Dia  ( www.myspace.com/megdia ), james Blunt - goodbye my lover (myspace.com/jamesblunt )(this last song is freaking KILLER! dont listen to it if you recently lost someone..its fatal..lol )

The Burn

BK: What can’t you live without as a musician?
KK: guitar... or time to write

BK: Describe yourself in one word.
KK: superfunlyspontanicallyawesome

BK: Which venues do you love performing in?|
KK: The alley in Las Vegas (sad it closed)and International Balloon Fiesta...( stage is like 80 yards long and about 30 yards deep...HUGE)

BK: What’s your guiltiest pleasure?
KK: spending money, and eating out... ( i eat out 7 days a week... )

BK: What is your ultimate venue to tour in?
KK: any pavilion...or the Houston Rodeo... (I grew up in Houston and went to the rodeo every year... where thay have concerts every night... i went to the Brooks and Dunn Concert there a week ago... they played for 75,000 + people!!!!!!!)

BK: Your favorite city?
KK: Houston or Maui

BK: What act or acts would you love to share the stage with?
KK: Dave Matthews, John Mayer, Maroon 5, Goo Goo Dolls, James Taylor

BK: Favorite song to listen to?
KK: Fix You- coldplay

BK: What’s your favorite hobby?
KK: meeting people

BK: Most embarrassing moment on stage?
KK: i dont really get embarassed... but on a live radio show/interview... I compared something that happened to me with a retard...and when I heard it on the recording i was pretty embarrassed I said it... though i ment something entirely fine

Brittany KaneBrittany Kane is a New Artists feature columnist for Musiqtone. Leave feedback, comments, or whatnot at her e-mail at brittanykane@musiqtone.com.

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