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Tuesday, December 7th
The Hot Sweat
Hana Pestle
Unique, talented, and soulful are a few words that help describe MoZella. Her lyrics are poetry, accompanied by soulful beats that make you stop and listen. She has toured with Tyler Hilton, Lifehouse, and her music is featured on the new One Tree Hill soundtrack. Her CD will debut from Maverick records this spring.

Here is her first-ever interview (literally her first one) with Musiqtone's Cristina Carrazza.

Cristina: What is your real name and where does "Mozella" come from?

Mozella: MoZella is a nickname. It came from Mo. My family called me mozers, mosie, momo, Mozambique, and Mozella. My real name is Maureen. Very boring!

C: Was music something you’ve always wanted to do and what was your first memory performing?

M: I always loved performing. I did theatre and musicals in grade school. I remember being picked to be a mime in 1st grade. I also remember doing a Christmas solo in 4th grade. I knew I could sing, but when the teacher knew it, it gave me confidence to think bigger.

C: Describe yourself and your music:

M: My myspace says 'Singer songwriter with sould and substance'. I think that fits. The music is pop, but not unbearable cheesy pop. It's also got soul,hip hop, and jazz in it.

C: Who are the influences in your music and in your own career?

M: I love neo-soul like Jill Scott, Eryka Badu, & D'angelo. I also love David Gray, Coldplay, Macy Gray, Fiona Apple, & Modest Mouse. And of course, I love the timeless artists like The Beatles, Stevie Wonder, Joni Mitchell, Nina Simone, & Eric Clapton.

C: What is your philosophy on music???

M: As an artist? Be honest. Sing, write, and perfrom from the bottom of your soul. People's hearts know when an artist sounds contrived. The singer/performer/actor/painter/writer does the job of translating human emotion into an accessable from that all can feed on and reconnect to their own personal experiences. If the translator (in my case 'the singer') is not being honest or real, the emotion is lost and the listener does not feel that connection to that greater emotion that all humans share.

C: Why is music important to you?

M: I get to share my stories and experiences with others. I get to take what I've lived and share advice, thoughts, and feelings that others can relate to. It helps me get through whatever emotion I am going through (being the listener or singer).

C: What are your goals, short and in the long-term?

M: I plan to put this first album, make a video, tour, make a few more albums, win some Grammys (ya gotta think big!), and do more touring!

The Burn

C: The thing or things you ’d be doing if it weren ’t for music ?

I can't see myself NOT doing music. If it were not my career, I think I'd go to school and study something interesting like physics. But, I'd always have instruments around me.

C: What ’s spinning in your music player right now?

M: In my car, my final mixed album is spinning. I was listening to the sequence to give the final okay before print! On this last tour with Lifehouse, the band and I listened to all sorts of music on the bus. I really liked Something For Rockets and Ray LaMontagne.

C: The things you can ’t live without as a musician:

M: Acrylic nails!!! I don't use a pic and they saved my finger nails before the tour! My nail was worn so thin from strumming, that I had to go get short fake nails put on! I thought 'Oh god, this is so cheesy'! I had to explain to the non-English speaking girl that I wanted them really short except the pointer finger really long. She was looking at me like I was crazy! It was a circus in the nail salon!

C: Small or Big Venues:

M: I like playing is small, intimate shows where I can see the crowd when I sing. The Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles is really nice for that.

C: Music none of your friends (or fans) expect you to listen to

M: I don't know what my fans listen to. They might listen to anything! I love listening to jazz. I love Chet Baker, Miles, Davis, & Ella Fitzgerald.

C: The ultimate venue to tour in

M: I LOVED playing Irving Plaza in NYC.
It was such a rush to play for that many people in such a great city.
Ultimately, I'd love to sell out the Hollywood Bowl (I think it seats 18,000)....
ONE DAY!!!!!!!!!!

C: Which act or acts would you love to share the stage (or bus) with?

M: I'd love to play with Coldplay, Alicia Keys, and maybe No Doubt.

C: Non-musical talents you carry

M: I speak Spanish. I golf. I draw. I can make my one eye wander!

C: Favorite food(s)?
M: I love NY style pizza!!! I also love Thai food!

C: Choose one, Tyler Curtis or Jaco (3 people she toured in the fall)

M: ;-) I have a boyfriend!!!! Although Jaco is a cutie!

C: Your most embarrassing moment on stage:

M: The other night the backing track started before I was ready to begin singing. So, the band had to stop it and re-start it. No one could tell, but it made me really nervous. I don't get embarrassed on stage really. I roll with the punches. I've gotten a few marriage proposals during different sets. I just ask them their name and dedicate a song to them!

Cristina CarrazaCristina Carrazza is an I Asst. Regiona Head in the Midwest region at Musiqtone.  Please leave comments, questions, and whatnot at cristinacarrazza@musiqtone.com.

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The Hot Serat
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