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Wednesday, February 28th
News Interview: Luke Thomas
Luke Thomas
Luke Thomas

An exclusive interview with Musiqtone
Luke Thomas
Rita Shaba:  How old were you when you first started playing music? And was that something you've always wanted to do or did you have something else in mind?

Luke Thomas:  I was 13 when I decided to pursue it as a career and start touring. I entertained the thought of being a doctor for a long time though, always thought it would be cool to stick shiny metal things in people’s mouths and tell them to take stuff.

RS:  The most important asset of any artist would be their views or philosophy on what they write or play. What would be your philosophy behind your music?

LT:  My view has always been about being real, showing individuality. I've always said to people. If you're outgoing, act outgoing, If your shy and reserved, be that way, If you enjoy being annoying then do that :)  Just be real, be yourself be true to who you are.-

RS:  Out of all of your songs, which one inspires you the most?

LT:  "My Last Goodbye" You can hear it on http://www.myspace.com/lukethomas.  I am very optimistic but I have suffered a lot of loss recently from one of my best friends committing suicide. It makes you think about life. What are we here for? What will we be remembered by from those who know us best? Will you be remembered for anything at all, A dream, a service, your lifestyle? Once again, life is about being real-

RS:  Would you say that you are more influenced by your emotions or by what you see?

LT:  I think they are pretty much the same thing in a sense. What we see creates our emotions, What we are emotional about is usually what we see...let me illustrate. When you were a little kid and you'd get shots from your family doctor you'd always think it would hurt and you'd sorta already feel the pain even before he did anything. NOTHING HAPPENED YET, it's all in your head.(on a side note: I once got 4 shots in my butt and that did actually really hurt I wasn't imagining that. haha) I'm influenced by life, and by reaching out to people who need help.

RS:  Do you have a nickname? And how did you get that nickname?

LT:  My nickname is "Luck" or "lucky" I have no clue why people call me that though other than the fact that it rhymes with my name. I'm not lucky at all, I almost get hit by cars daily and all sorts of weird things happen to me. (I’ll leave out details)

RS:  In high school, were you popular?

LT:  Nope not at all, I wasn't good looking I was sorta a nerd.  I should post some pics later, you'd laugh at me for sure.

I was good at sports and such, but was really shy around girls and couldn't really find my place in
life. Unsure of what I wanted to be and what I wanted to do...I was really, really, really mouthy. I got beat up a lot cause I had a big mouth. You may be thinking "well did he learn his lesson?" Nope :p -

RS:  What do you think personally, is your best and least favorite feature about yourself?

LT:  Hmm no matter how I respond to this question it will sound like I'm a car salesman in a car commercial. "My best and least favorite feature" :-) My best feature is being able to jump off tall things without hurting myself. (It’s a gift...be very jealous) My worst feature is I contradict myself a lot. I say something then, totally change my mind 3 seconds later and disagree with myself...Which can be confusing if you're trying to have a conversation with me.

RS:  Do you like sports? If yes, which one? Who's your favorite team?

LT:  Yeah, I like all sports, and I don't really care about teams, I like players. For instance, when Randy Moss left the Vikings and went to the Raiders, I totally followed him! I bandwagon a lot!-

RS:  Is it harder or easier for you to trust people?

LT:  It's very, very, very easy for me to trust people. If a random stranger offered me some pill for my headache I'd swallow it! Haha maybe this explains all my recent health "issues" I've been dealing with.

RS:   Who do you consider to be your hero?

LT:  I'm not telling...

Fine!!!! I wasn't going to get this personal but I'll "come out of the closet" I have a little superman
outfit with a zipper in the back. I get in it at night and run around my house with my red cape. Oh yeah, and it has matching boots hooked up to the outfit. haha- Did I mention that I rule!

RS:  What do you do on your free time, when you're not composing music or performing?

LT:  When I'm not "composing music" I'm usually reading, talking on the phone, to managers "important people" etc... Jumping off things, and thinking about "composing music”

The Burn:

RS:  Thing or things you would be doing if it weren't for music?

LT:  I would most definitely enter in the Olympics for the high jump and try it with my superman outfit... and I would be a doctor who listened to Rock music extremely loud in his hospital. Then I'd probably go on a picnic...:)-

RS:  What's spinning in your music player right now?

LT:  Pink Floyd

RS:  The things you can't live without as a musician?

LT:  Laptop, and coffee

RS:  Music none of your friends (or fans) expect you to listen to?

LT:  Celtic music!!! It has birds chirping in it and "penny whistles" and harps and lovely ladies with soothing voices singing!  It totally owns!

RS:  The ultimate venue to tour in?

LT:  Kodiak theatre?

RS:  Which act or acts would you love to share the stage (or bus) with?

LT:  Lifehouse, Keith Urban, Three Doors Down. Anyone who is a songwriter/performer.  Plus if they have ADD or ADHD that would allow me to get along with them better, since I do.(could you

RS:  Non-musical talents you carry?

LT:  When I wake up I can jump into both my pant legs at the same time. Yeah, it's hard... No you won't be able to do it...Don't even try!

RS:  Three people you would like to have dinner with?

LT:  Bono,(from u2) anyone who recently won a big award, and perhaps a member of my boy scout troop who I ditched at 13 to do music...Sorry guys I had to do it, no hard feelings. Keep tying those awesome knots!

RS:  Favorite food(s)?

LT:  Pizza, Pizza, Pizza, Anytime, any kind, anywhere...

RS:  Your most embarrassing moment on stage?

LT:  It's always tripping...Or jumping off a high stage to get closer to the audience then realizing you can't get back up on it.

RS:  Jack Johnson, Howie Day, Gavin DeGraw, Lifehouse, or John Mayer?

LT:  This is all like totally the same genre? What happened to diversity? Who writes these questions?

Rita ShabaRita Shaba is the chief head of Features and Interviews at Musiqtone.  You can contact her with questions and comments at ritashaba@musiqtone.com

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