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Tuesday, December 7th
The Hot Seat: LAX

An exclusive interview with Musiqtone
Paula- How did you girls meet?
Cristina- Well, actually, Jamie and Brianna met through a mutual friend. And they were like, "Hey, let's start a group." Brianna found me at an open mic, at a karaoke place, in Hollywood that we were both singing at. And then Brianna, asked me, "Hey, why don't you come meet Jamie, we wanna start a group." So we all started singing, dancing , and rehearsing togheter. And then we met up with our producer, Alex Cantrall, in Hollywood, over by the Kodak theater. He saw us performing and approached us, so we started working with him. For about a year he trained us, singing and dancing, and getting our image together making sure we were ready for the label. He took us to the label and shopped us. After that, we got signed to Universal/ Blackground.

P-Where did you get the name LAX?
C- We all met, record and rehearse and meet up in LA. We also all wanted an international audience, so it goes with the L.A...s export.

P- When is your debut album hitting stores?
C- Actually, not maybe til, closer to September. We're not sure yet though cause we're finishing up the album right now and we have to do a promotional tour for 3 months and then the album would come out after that.

P- Album title?
C- We're not sure yet, it was said it was 15-16-15, it's not for sure though, but it's an idea. So it's untitled for now.

P- How would you describe your sound?
C- A mix of pop and R&B and pop hip-hop. We have alot of upbeat songs and we are very pop, R&B. Some of our songs are more pop rock. Like, some of our songs have that pop rock guitar in it. Most of our songs are upbeat, but we have some strong slow ones.
Brianna-We have alot of genres mixed it. We're mostly, pop, R&B, with a rock edge. We are leaning on more of the R&B, hip hop, pop right now.
Jamie- I find it like, most of our songs are very pop, but with an urban sound, and you will hear like a pop rock guitar come in. Kind of like our single, "Forget You". We have some new song we are working on even like right now. Like anyone can relate to our songs as far as lyrics. It's kind of edgy, the whole album you going to her a smiliarity of one whole.

P- Who was your biggest inspiration?
C- Mine are, Destiny's Child, Destiny's child because I love their music and I love Beyonce! Kelly Clarkson, and Gwen Stefani. Kelly Clarkson because I love how she writes a lot of her own songs. She really branched off from American Idol and become a true artist. Gwen Stefani, because I love her style. She's just so herself as far as personality, and she's so creative. Like the "Harajuku Girls", that's definitely original! I mean, who would think of that? You know what I mean?
B-Personally, I have to say Christina Aguilera, and Beyonce, because I love them both so much. They're strong and independent and have great voices. They are both well rounded, and beautiful.
J- When I was four, or five, six, I was very young, the one song I can remember was, "Waterfalls" by TLC with the video and everything. Now I love Fergie [Fergie-Ferg], Nelly Furtado. Fergie is probably my biggest inspiration, cause of her beauty, her voice. She wears something girly, she still tough in a way, like the "what are you looking at" attitude with a tomboy attitude. That's just exactly how I am. Not like "what are you looking at?" But I will come off hard as far as I'm a tomboy. But I will still dress up in heels and show some leg. And Nelly Furtado, is very talented, and unique. Her sound, I love her voice.

P- Do you have an instrumental talent?
C- No we don't. Yeah we just sing and dance, for now I hope to learn some piano and guitar in the near future though!
B- Actually, we don't. We can play little geeky songs on the piano, but that's about it.

P- Who would you like to collaborate with?
C- Timbaland, because he's really hot right now. Ne-Yo, maybe another boy group, or anyone we look up to. Or maybe a remix with someone like Justin Timberlake or Chris Brown.
B- There's a lot of people, but i mean I really love, Neo, Justin Timberlake. We all love Neo, so we would have a fun recording with him.
J- I can see something N*SYNC. I think it would be a cute thing. I always said that N*SYNC, N*SYNC, N*SYNC! It would be cute with the whole boy band going on. Cause if it was a solo artist, it will be like all of us on you. So if it was like a boy group and a girl group, no one would be left out. It would be cute cause you would have your own crowd. You know? And I love their "Bye, Bye, Bye" album [No Strings Attatched Album.]. I could see us doing that in the future. Either them or Boys II Men! I love Boys II Men.

P- What is your philosophy on music?
C- I love music because it's my way out. I take any feeling or emotion I have out by singing. Like my anger, sadness, or if I like somebody. Like if I'm ever depressed or sad I pop in some karaoke and start singing. It's a way to express yourself without anyone getting hurt.
B- Anyone can understand music. If there's an emotion in a song, or lyrics to a song, anyone can understand. Like there's language barriers all around the world but music connects us. There's no one I know that, doesn't like music.
J- Music has always been apart of me. Like I told you earlier, even since I was four, I have always loved music. It's for me. I've been doing what I can do for the longest time. Especially songs that are very lyrical or the way the beats are that move you. It's really hard, like between lyrics or beat. Cause you can have a song like Chicken Noodle Soup (by Young B). Cause no one cared about the lyrics, its the beat. They're like oh chicken nooodle. Oh you hear the beat! But I have to say the lyrics more than the beat.

P- Does your music have an age limit?
C- We want a huge fan base. Our music can relate to people of all ages. We don't really want to have one category of people.
B- No, a lot of people can relate to our music. Whether it be an 11 year old or a 20 year old; both guys and girls. It's pretty well rounded, that's what about our music.
J- We want to be very well rounded as far as age. I think we are very appropriate for any age. And our image right now we are going to be able to relate to teenagers to adults to kids. To have fun to our looks, the red head, blonde, brunette, fun thing going on. Just really any age I'm really hoping. It's easier to go towards teenagers, as far as Myspace and magazines. They are the ones into it. Like I'm a teenager you know what I mean?

P- What are your long term and short term goals?
C- I really hope LAX goes far and we become very successful and our album does well and maybe get a few awards! Down the line I most definitely want to do a movie. I think that would be so cool cause I'm into acting too.
B- We want become international, that's a big thing for us. We want to become world wide. We want to give people our age something to relate to, if they have a bad day, bad break up. They can turn on our music and listen to it. We want to get Grammies.
J- As a group, I'm hoping that we succeed as far as like releasing a few albums. Maybe one day get like a Grammy award or BET award. Maybe possibly do a movie and get an Oscar. Our goal is to sell albums right now, and be popular. I think that's every artist's goal.

P- What do you guys do on spare time?
C- We actually do a lot of stuff together. We go shopping, go to theme parks, we have sleepovers, movies, go bowling. We do what all friends do. After rehearsal, or after the studio, we go out to lunch, go out to dinner, or whatever, you know just hang out.
B- We usually hang out a lot together. We live about an hour away from each other. But we swim, we rollerblade, play sports. We play basketball; I have a basketball hope in my front yard. We go shopping, get our nails done. We do girly things like that.
J- We're always constantly together. Like right now Brianna is right across from me and we're playing X-Box 360. We are always online, browsing. YouTube, trying to find funny pictures, going to movies shopping. SHOPPING is a big number one!

P- Shopaholic?
J- Yes! We will find an excuse make our parents bring us to go the mall. We'd be like we didn't pack enough clothes. We don't have the right shirt. There's no shirt. So we put together an ugly outfit and they would be like we need to take you to the mall. So we definitely have our little plans and stuff like that. But we do everything together we play cards. Just pretty much like any normal person.

P- Who is the craziest?
C- Probably me! I am very energetic and outgoing. Every time we go to events and stuff, and we see a celebrity and the girls are like, "I don't know.", "I don't want to bug them." So I'm like, "HEY WHAT'S UP!" I'm pretty out there.
B-Oh my gosh, hands down Cristina. She is very loud. Okay, her nick name is "Cricket". First of all she tells jokes, and sometimes there good. But then some it's like, silent, its like, "oh you killed it." And we would all be like "cricket, cricket". And thats her nick name. She is just crazy. Anytime you feel uncomfortable, or if you're sad, she will come to you and make you laugh and make you happy, you know?
J- Oh man! Cristina is the freaking craziest. I mean when you just say crazy, Cristina just pops up in our heads. But we all have some type of crazy in us. We are all crazy individually. But Cristina is crazy as far as being very perky, like hyper and loud. She is definitely the craziest. But, hey Brianna and I have a little crazy in us too. But I have to say Cristina.

P- Shyest?
C- I don't know, we are pretty out going.
B-That would probably be me. I have to know someone to open up. I try to be outgoing, but the first time I meet someone. But I'm shy.
J- It's definitely not me. It's not Cristina. Cristina will do anything. Brianna is the shyest. She is the "well... I don't know...." She is that cutey shy like twirl your hair and think about it. But I have to say Brianna.

P- Prankster?
C-Well, we are all little pranksters. We play jokes on each other. So pretty much all of us.
B- Not going to lie, we all have our moments.
J-I think we are all even on that one. Like we are all up to our little plan. Like let's go to T.P. somebody's house. We are like act all funny. We are down to make some laugh happen.

P- If you weren't singing, and dancing, [besides school] what would you be doing?
C- I would definitely do acting and modeling, or in the industry some way. Maybe a producer or songwriter.
B- Definitely, go to school, go to college, and get into fashion. I love fashion. But if hypothetically I was never destined to be a singer, I think I would still try to be in the industry. Be in a movie or on a soundtrack or something you know?
J-I'd probably be modeling doing pageants. That's exactly where I was at before this. If I was in school I would be in alot of sports and activities, like soccer, basketball, dancing. Probably my goal would have been, be in Miss Teen USA. I have done so many pageants like you have no idea. It's funny cause I'm like a tomboy. I think that's why I am a tomboy.

P- What is your dream place to perform in?
C- My dream venue is probably, hmm, the Staple Center in California. Because it's where I'm from, and everyone knows me around here. Or any huge palace in Europe , that would be really cool!
J- Like an award show. like BET Awards, MTV Awards, or the Oscars. But I'm definitely going to have to say, the Oscars, everyone's there, and everyone's watching. Or other than that it would have to be Kodak.

P- Secret talent? Or something fans wouldn't know?
C- Not really. I can cross my eyes weird? (Went to confirm with Jamie) Oh! I make really weird faces sometimes.
B- Not really, although me and the girls have a secret language. When people hear it, they are like "what's that language?" It's called jibberish. I taught it to the girls, and I learned it from middle school. It trips people out when we say it. To tell you the honest truth, we are pretty normal. Ask Jamie that, she will probably give you a good answer.
J- Let me pull it out of my pocket. No I'm just kidding. I burp a lot. I can beat anyone at burping. At least it comes out the front end unlike some people. Like some people. But I don't think it's a secret from anyone who hears it. I'm a risk taker. I'm down for whatever, but I can still good to make my own choices as far as the yes or no kind of thing. I don't really go out much. I am short, that's something not a lot of people know about me. I am not boy crazy, that's kind of a think I guess. I love boys, but I'm easily over things.

P- What's your most prized possession?
C- My cell phone! Definitely. Can't live without it.
B- Ooh! I have a glass necklace that my little sister gave me for Christmas. And I was really close with my grandma. When she passed away I was singing for her and I held it in her hand. And every time I wear I think of her. So that's probably my most prized possession.

P- What is something no artist can live without?
C- Probably a computer. That's something you can do everything on. You can write on it, go on YouTube. YouTube is huge. You can find anything on YouTube, any song. You can go on Myspace.
B- Their vocal chords! That's what I have to say.
J- A microphone. An ear. You have to have sometime of an identity. Like Beyonce has her beautiful-ness. And as far as acting. I made a new word, beautiful-ness, you like that? It's something every artist has to have. You can't just come out with a CD, and be like the high school girl, like everyone else.

P- What would you tell your fans?
C- Thank you for all the support, whatever you want to do (in life), go for it. Be your best, you never know who's there, or who's watching.
B- Number one, thanks for the support so far. And you know we only have one single out. But thank you so much! You can check us out on Myspace. Our CD is coming out sometime near September. And just have fun, don't sweat the small stuff. And be confident in who you are. It sounds geeky but it's true.
J- Thank you for listening to our music, and keep requesting the song on the radio. Check out our myspace. (www.myspace.com/lax) We are always on. Our individuals are up so hit us up anytime. And it really is us. We'd love to talk to you. You know, buy magazines, do what you do. We love you and thank you for your support.

PaulaPaula Kunateerachadalai is a staff writer on Musiqtone. You can contact her at paulakunateerachadalai@musiqtone.com

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