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Tuesday, December 7th
Tyrone Wells
Tyrone Wells

An exclusive interview with Musiqtone
Tyrone Wells
Emily: For anybody who hasn't heard of you before, would you mind introducing yourself to the readers?
Tyrone: Hey, I'm Tyrone Wells. I'm a singer-songwriter originally from Spokane, WA and currently residing in sunny Southern California. My music is a combination of pop, soul and rock.

E: What inspired you to get into performing music? and was it something that you always wanted to do?
T: I've always loved to sing. When I was around 6 or so my parents got me a muppets drums set. I used to sit in my room and bang on the drums and sing my little made up songs. So, yeah.. it's safe to say that I've always wanted to do it. Also I was inspired by my four sisters, they all sing beautifully.

E: What is your favorite song to perform live and why?
T: It's impossible for me to pick. These songs are all my little babies that I went through labor to birth. I love all of them for different reasons.

E: What is your favorite part about touring around the country?
T: Getting to play music every night and meet people all over the nation. I also love being in new cities and taking in the unique culture of each city. Also, I get to catch up on my DVD's like, "24", "Lost", and "Prison Break."

E: I noticed that you come from a big family. In what ways have they supported you and your career?
T: My entire family has been very supportive. They come out and support me whenever I am in their area. Most of my family is spread all over the West Coast. The only East coaster is my sister Kerinda. She lives in Jacksonville, Florida with her family. My sister, Donelle, is a Spanish teacher in Spokane, WA (where I grew up). She is particularly supportive because she only gives her students two choices of what they can listen to in her class. They can listen to Spanish music or Tyrone Wells.

E: Who is the biggest influence in your music?
T: Stevie Wonder, Patty Griffin, James Taylor, Simon and Garfunkel, Damien Rice, Counting Crows, anything Motown.

E: After you're done touring, what are your plans?
T: More touring.

E: Now on to the exciting stuff! East Coast or West Coast?
T: West Coast, but I still love the East Coast.

E: Favorite city and venue to play in?
T: Los Angeles, El Rey Theatre

E: Big Venues or Small Venues?
T: I love the intimacy of small venues, but I'm always excited to play a big room.

E: Favorite movie?
T: Sooo hard to pick just one. Here's a few. Dead Man Walking, 12 monkeys, Shawshank Redemption, Usual Suspects, Invisible Children, New Year Baby.

E: Favorite place to vacation?
T: Hawaii with my little island girl.

E: Someone you would love to perform with?
T: Stevie Wonder, Jack Johnson, John Mayer, Ray Lamontagne, Joan Osborne, Snow Patrol, Patty Griffin.

E: Your most embarrassing moment on stage/on tour?
T: I hesitate to tell you this… but once I pooped in a bucket while inside the store part of an AMPM convenience store/gas station. The bathroom was occupied for a very long time and my body was no longer in the mood to hold it. I therefore was forced to improvise. I found a bucket in the corner and went to town.

E: Thanks so much for taking the time to do this! Is there anything you would like to say or add?
T: Thank you for your time and support!

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