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I got the chance to interview Natalia Kills in August via email, and when I found out she was on tour with LMFAO I had to get another interview so we could meet in person. Natalia has been working hard in her career and is currently getting ready to release her new music video for “Kill My Boyfriend.” Natalia has a very unique sense of style, and is always true to herself and others. I really loved that her answers were real, and not just some made up story she was told to say in interviews. She gave a lot of inspiring advice to me fashion wise, and just life wise that I'm going to take into my life. I had the chance to talk to her about me being adopted and it was very emotional for myself so to be able to share that with her and her music is very special. I really enjoyed meeting her and seeing her on stage in action was the cherry ontop of the icing. Check out the interview below, and don't forget to comment afterwards!!! 

I interviewed you in August, it was an email interview, and now I get to finally meet you!

Natalia Kills: Oh yeah, it’s nice to meet you in real life!

How’s the tour going with LMFAO?
Natalia Kills: It’s amazing, I’m just so surprised at how many people in the audience and everyone singing along to my songs ‘Free’ and ‘Mirrors’ and how from collaborating with LMFAO and Far East Movement how much the fan base I have integrated into theirs, so it’s just a really nice experience to feel the overwhelming sense of welcome and warmth. I didn’t expect that at all.

How are you liking the artist line up, like how the artists are set up to go on stage?
Natalia Kills: I mean I don’t understand why they don’t make more shows like this. Because it makes perfect sense; a label that only signs artists that write their own songs and direct their own visions and visuals. You know obviously would have a lot of artists that a certain demographic would like. I mean other people on cherry tree like La Roux and Ellie Goulding  and Frankmusik, and even my music I feel like we would defiantly inadvertently would share the same taste in whoever is listening to our music and people who listen to music would most likely find similarities between us that they would also enjoy. So to me the whole thing makes much more sense then when you would usually go to a concert and the two or three opening bands are from different labels. Some write their own songs and some don’t some are more manufactured and some are more hipster and very hard to understand. I mean I feel like this is the best way to do it. I feel like we all have very distinct and individual looks and  musical visions and lyrical messages but at the same time the similarities are we all write our own music we’re all apart of kind of a digital more authentic kind of pop music. I feel like that draws us together and makes sense.

So talking about the line up still, do you have a favourite act from the night?
Natalia Kills: I’ve really enjoyed watching Rye Rye’s performance because of her energy. I first heard about Rye Rye probably back in 2007 and you know just getting to see her live with her dancers she is really interesting and really entertaining for me because I’ve never ever seen her perform before. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know Kay, she’s a Canadian artist, and she’s just got a really amazing voice. She has a huge personality, she’s different and I’ve never met any artist like her before. So I’ve really enjoyed seeing two new artists, that are new to me that I never saw live before.

Talking about favourite acts from the night, do you have any favourite songs you like seeing performed?
Natalia Kills: I love going up with Far East Movement for ‘Like A G6’ and right after they do a song called ‘Ape Shit’ I love that it’s the bomb. It’s one of the best moments from the night, the crowd goes ‘Ape Shit’.

What’s your favourite song of yours that you like performing?
Natalia Kills: I really enjoy performing ‘Free’. It’s one of my most playful and sarcastic songs and I really enjoy the song.

What can fans look forward to during your set, what kind of things do you try mixing in with your performance for the fans?
Natalia Kills: I like to use all the tools that are around me to make my show as integrated.. Captivating the audience. I think that if I stood still for an entire song the audience would not be captivated, I think that if I jumped around and moved around too much they’d think I‘d be trying, well not I but in general, it looks sometimes like their trying to hard when they can’t just be in the music. So while I’m in the music I find myself doing things, I’m like I don’t even know what I’m doing if that makes sense.  I’m sitting down, I have a microphone that it’s like a neon stick almost like Freddy Mercury. It’s beautiful and then I have another one, standing one, so I like to use two different mics. I love to touch the audience, like hang off the side of the stage upside down and reach the fans I just think that it can be as playful as possible and do anything you want.

I finally got to talk to Natalia about being adopted, and that when I talked to my sister for the very first time in April I was listening to her song ‘Wonderland’ and that it’s a very memorable moment in my life and she shared it with me through her music. We talked about my story and had a really nice chat for a few minutes about it but it was very personal so I’m not going to share all of it.

Natalia ended up interviewing me about my situation which was very memorable considering she was taking time out of her day to talk to me about it when I know she had to do some other things after the interview. She was very curious so we chatted a little about it and it felt like we were good friends having a chat that you would going out for coffee. It was pretty neat so thank you Natalia it meant a lot to talk to you about it! During our talk she said “What an unusual story, you have a funny fairytale. :] I’ve never heard of that happen to anyone!”

Which songs are you performing on the tour?
Natalia Kills: ‘No Champagne’ with Frankmusik, ‘Mirrors’, ‘Free’, ‘Like A G6’ with Far East Movement, and ‘Champagne Showers’ with LMFAO.

What’s it like having the boys from Far East Movement on tour?
Natalia Kills: I mean I love them, I adore them. They’re fun, their jokes are hilarious. We get a long very well. We both like, like there’s only two of us ha-ha, they also really like dressing everyday how they would normally dress on stage. They’re just themselves all the time, in the gym or in the airport, on stage or on television, they just have that thing. That’s a similarity we have,  we don’t try on purpose it’s not like “Omg I have to be Natalia Kills all the time” it’s not like that. It’s not just about being a character, we’re not characters we’re being ourselves all the time. I’m going to bed and I’m dressed like this. I get out of the shower and I look like this, just without the make up. It’s the same for Far East Movement. I never realized that people dress up to go on a date, but then dress down to go to the supermarket. I just feel like however you would normally dress, if you wear jeans to the mall, then I feel like that means you’d wear jeans on a date or to see your brother graduate or whatever you might be doing. Because I mean like my pyjamas are slightly more comfortable then this but it looks about the same because it’s my taste. It’s not on purpose it’s just my taste. And I didn’t realise that other people are in a different character when they’re on stage. It’s like I’m going on stage now I better do this and get this on and do that. I think it’s really interesting how like we all go through different levels to amplify and become ourselves. I feel closest to Far East Movement because they are them all the time and I’m me all the time. It’s no disrespect to anyone else, if you can be confident in sweatpants and relaxing rather then transform into this thing on stage.. But for me there’s just no transformation.
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