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Tuesday, December 7th
The Hot Seat:  The Starting Line
The Starting Line
The Starting Line

An exclusive interview with Musiqtone
The Starting Line
Ashley: Introduce yourselves and what you play.

Kenny: I’m Kenny and I play bass and sing.
Matt: I’m Matt and I play guitar.
Tom: I’m Tom and I play drums.
Mike: I’m Mike and I play guitar also.

A: You finished Warped Tour a little while ago, how was that?

K: It was great. We had a great time this summer.

A: How many Years have you guys done Warped?

Ma: This was our fourth.

A: Fourth. Do you have any interesting stories from Warped Tour?

K: Um.
Mi: I got really sick. It’s not very cool, but that’s my story.
Ma: Yeah, Mike got pneumonia.
K: Yeah.
T: That’s all.

A: Cool. We saw you guys there.

K: That’s awesome.

A: Yeah, in Buffalo.

Ma: Ah, very cool.

A: Yeah it was fun. You guys were great. Um, you toured with All Time Low for a few days.

Ma: Yes.

A: How was that?

K: It was good. We like those guys.
Ma: Yeah, their really nice guys. The bass player likes to work out.

A: Haha. Yeah, Zack.

Ma: Haha yeah.

A: And Paramore soon, are you looking forward to that?

Mi: Yeah.
K: It’s gunna be good.
Ma: Yeah, I can’t wait for that tour. That band rules, it’s going to be so much fun.

A: It sounds like a really great line up.

Ma: Oh, for sure.

A: Do you guys have anything in store, different for that tour?

K: Um. We’re planning things.
T: We can’t tell you.
K: We’ve got a few things cooked up.
T: Yeah, it’s a secret.

A: Alright. So right now you’re playing with a few cool bands like Four Year Strong. I’ve seen them a couple of times. How is this all going?

K: Awesome. We get along with the Four Year Strong guys really well.
Ma: Yeah, really good.

A: They were good last time I saw them. Any interesting stories so far on this tour?

K: Um. A girl last night that was on our bus got kicked out. And, ah, this doesn’t really have anything to do with Four Year Strong, but she broke her hand, punching our bus window.

A: Wow, okay.
Mi: Yeah, don’t punch buses.
All: Laugh.
K: Yeah, the bus will win every time.

A: That’s a little weird, haha.

K: Yeah, but it’s cool.

A: How have you guys changed over the years, you’ve been together for a long time.

K: I think were a lot weirder looking now.
Mi: Were fatter, older.
Ma: We’ve got hair in funny places now. Our voices are deeper.
K: Our voices dropped, yeah.

A: And your new album, Direction, what does that mean to you guys?

K: Um, It’s just ah, I think it’s our proudest work yet. I think it’s, um, a lot more coherent then anything we’ve done before. Were about to see if people still like it, you know, in a couple of months.

A: I bet they will.

K: Thank you.
Ma: Thanks.

A: What’s different about this album then previous ones, how have you grown, you know, musically and stuff?

Ma: I feel like this is, um, kind of like, um, like the two records combined almost. I feel like, you know, we’ve all grown, as musicians, and I think it defiantly takes some of that and that it, um, it keeps the same The Starting Line hooks in there, which I think is good for the kids. I think it’s really focused, and um, we’re just, we’re proud of it and I think it’s like, it’s defiantly our best album to date.

A: Cool. So what are your guy’s, like, inspirations?

K: Um, just life, mainly all of the bands who I kind of idolize.

A: Like who?

K: Um, Jimmy Eat World, Radio Head, um, Coldplay, Muse, you know, just bands that like, take it to the next level.

A: Cool. So how would you guys describe your music to someone who hasn’t heard it before?

K: It’s like a carnival for the soul.
All: Laugh.

A: That’s a fun description.

K: Haha, yeah.

A: Do you guys have anything planned for the future, what do you plan on doing, anything different?

K: Um, were going to be doing the Paramore tour, um and doing some local shows for the holidays, and then were taking some time off in January and then maybe going over seas.

A: That’s awesome.

K: Yeah.

A: If you could collaborate with anyone, alive or dead, who would it be?

K: Um, Salt n’ Pepa.
Ma: Yeah, that’ll happen.
K: And Spinderella.
Ma: They hate each other.
K: Dude, their getting back together, reuniting, for vh1.
Ma: Well, I don’t know if it’s reuniting. There getting in a room and their talking.
K: There gunna.
Ma: You think so? I don’t know.
K: There going to play a show, but you have to watch the whole season to find out. It’s a baby step for them to work with us.
Ma: Yeah. It’s true.

A: Haha. What’s your favorite song to play live?

K: Um, right now it’s Are You Alone.

A: Alright, um, I have a bunch of random questions. Favorite type of ice cream?

Ma: Cookies and cream.
Mi: Chocolate fudge brownie.
K: Americone, from Ben and Jerry’s.

A: If you weren’t playing music, what would you guys be doing?

Mi: Trying to play music.
K: Eating ice cream.
A: Eating ice cream.
All: Laugh.

A: That sounds fun. If you could play anywhere in the world, at all, here would you play?

K: Um, in this world?

A: Doesn’t matter, anywhere.

K: The moon.

A: That would be cool.

Ma: That would be cool.
K: First band to play on the moon.

A: Really cool. Favorite super hero?

Mi: Batman.
K: Batman’s pretty cool.

A: That came up, we had theme day today, today was like, heroes and villains. So yeah. What are you fears?

Ma: Bees.
K: Bears.
Ma: I fucking hate bees.
T: Spiders.
Mi: I hate Spiders.              
Ma: Ah, Spiders.
K: Um, millipedes. Centipedes, hell, centipedes. Those big things that crawl up your wall, like.
A: With like, a million legs.
K: Yeah. Ew.

A: Their nasty. What musical acts are you into right now? Anybody people should check out.

Mi: Four Year Strong.
Ma: Yeah, definitely Four Year Strong. (something) battles from New York, um, MuteMath. We played with them a few days ago.

A: Ah, their new album is great.

K: Their incredible. They put on such a good show.

A: Favorite pizza topping?

Mi: Cheese.
T: Pepperoni.
Ma: Yeah, I don’t get down with the toppings.
K: I like broccoli. If you put broccoli in there, I’m most likely going to eat it.

A: Favorite city to play in?

K: Um, Philadelphia.

A: Okay, and now we have a few this or that’s. Warped Tour or a regular tour?

Ma and T: Regular Tour.

A: Jack’s Mannequin or Something Corporate?

T: Jacks.
Ma: Jacks Mannequin.

A: The ability to fly or to read minds?

K: Fly.
Ma: Fly.
T: Fly.
K: Oh man, that’d be so scary to be able to read peoples minds. If someone could read my mind..
Ma: Yeah, I would go crazy.
Ma and K: Haha.
Mi: “What is wrong with you?”
K: It’d be like “geez”.
Mi: “Sorry”.
All: Laugh.
K: That I’m thinking that.

A: Right, don’t wanna know everything, haha.

K: “That’s disgusting.” Haha. Sorry.

A: Pepsi or coke?
K: Coke.

A: Summer or winter?
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