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Wednesday, February 28th
The Hot Sweat
Hana Pestle
Hana Pestle
Breathe CarolinaWhat do you get when you mix techno beats, screamo background vocals, and catchy lyrics? The unique music of Breathe Carolina. This duo from Colorado, that started as a fun project between best friends David Schimitt and Kyle Even, is now an upandcoming indie band with a solid fanbase. Breathe Carolina has toured with acts including Jefree Star and Pierce The Veil; their debut album “It’s Classy, not Classic” was released last year. Now, David and Kyle are on the road with the 2009 Sub City Take Action Tour, taking the stage before headliners Cute Is What We Aim For. Before the NYC date of the tour, we sat down with the boys to get to know this unique, promising band.

Cristina: Breathe Carolina
Kyle: Yes. Hello

David: Hi!

C:  What would you like people to know about your band?
K: We’re just kickin’ it, having a good time. We’re just two best friends having fun.

C: So I recently read someone described your music as “karaoke on steroids…”
K: *laughs*
D: Steroids? I would say more like coke…or meth.          

K: I think it’s just a collaboration between two different genres. It honestly shouldn’t be so surprising to people, if they know where we’re coming from. It’s just a natural progression.

C: Do you think most of that attributes to the fact that you two are two good friends trying to create a band together or…
K: I think it happened because it was supposed to happen. It just worked out that David was doing one thing and I was doing another. It just worked out. It could’ve been a completely different band if I wasn’t involved.

C: So if we were going to have two bands get together and form Breathe Carolina, what would they be?
K: Underoath and...
D: Yes, Underoath and Hellogoodbye

C: And are those bands you mostly listened to while making the record?
K: Yes. Would you agree?

D: Absolutely.

C: So can you guys talk to me about how you play your music live? I’ve heard your set is absolutely insane.
D: We like to play with lights so it looks pretty sick.

K: We have a lot of energy and love to interact with the crowd. We definitely try to make it more fun and more of a show. Not just, “here let me play you some music.”

C: So how is this tour is going for you?
K: We are so shocked that they picked us to play this. It is an amazing thing to be a part of. We’ve known about Cute (Is What We Aim For) for a while and we’ve played with Every Avenue before so it’s amazing that we have to opportunity to be with them again. Anarbor is just a bunch of great guys and we’re stoked to play with Meg & Dia.

D: 10% of all the proceeds from this tour go to charity. And we’ve been doing a lot of charity work too while we’re on it. I know we’ve played in hospitals and we’re doing a event in Florida. It’s a good thing to be involved in.

C: Let’s talk about your debut CD, “It’s Classy, Not Classic”
K: David wrote most of the songs and basically just recorded everything. We had a lot of control. Now, this second record is going to be a completely different process.  
We’re getting a producer and trying to get a live band in the studio. We’re doing a lot of preproduction now so I’m excited to get working on it.

C: So are you looking to experiment more with this upcoming release?
D: For sure, I think it’s going to be way more experimental. It is still going to be who we are but we’re putting the live instruments in and all that stuff.

K: You gotta evolve, you know what I mean? I would hate to put the same record again. It would bore me and it would bore our fans. So we’re letting our imagination wild with this one.

C: Apart from the live instruments, anything else you’re looking to feature on it?
D: Honestly, I’m willing to try anything and everything. I’m not putting any boundaries on it. It’s definitely going to be

C: Are you worried people will think you’re changing your sound? Your fans thinking you’re sounding more mainstream…
K: It is what it is.  It’s still the two of us. People change their minds, and so do we. And don’t even get me started about our fans…

C: Well you can talk about them for a little while.
K: *laughs* They are seriously some of the most amazing people. I mean, it’s crazy to think people drive three hours to see us play. They’re just incredible.

C: So any tours stories you would like to share?
D: What would you like to hear?

C: Anything really...
K: Well this tour has definitely been the most comfortable. It’s not even halfway through and I’m already best friends with everyone here.
D: Yeah definitely. We already toured with them before. Anarbor, funny story, I actually met one of the dudes a long time ago.
K: Really? I didn’t know that.
D: Yeah, Mike, a long time ago in California. At one of those festivals.

K: *laughs* that is so weird. I had no idea.

C: So Breathe Carolina has been around for a short amount of time and you guys have accomplished quite a lot. Where do you see your band in the near future?
K: Just doing the same thing. This year we have been truly doing what we love and I would give anything to keep doing it. Touring, and some more touring.

C: Who are some of the people you would like to tour with the in the future?
D: Well Blink 182 is officially back!
K: Whoever is on that tour is so lucky. It will be the biggest thing. Anybody would be amazing to tour with.

C: Oh come on, so you’re saying you would be cool opening Britney’s new Circus tour.
D: Hey I would love to do that.
K: *laughs* Well, why not? I think our favorite tours are not necessarily the bands playing but it’s the people. Hopefully people will still come out and see us and won’t criticize us

C: Have you had a lot of criticism and haters for your distinct music style?
K: Oh yeah.  You need your haters. You don’t have your haters you’re not doing anything. In my mind, more haters the better. That means we’re doing something right.

C: That’s one of the best answers I’ve had to that.
K: Why thank you. It is what it is, really. 
If you want to be negative to us, that’s fine. You’re making me feel better about myself. If your’re doing anything in your life and someone is being negative to you, it’s obviously because they are not doing anything with theirs. So, sorry haters. I’m just having fun. I’m not thinking about you. I don’t even know who you are.

C: What do you want people to remember Breathe Carolina by?
D: That we partied so hard everday. Just kidding, I don’t know. Just that we just had fun doing what we love to do.
K: We’re nice people playing some nice music. I think someone once said, “I have to take someone that knows me and I have to take twice as long to get them back where they don’t know me so they can see me for who I really am.” 
I want people to know us as musicians and our music for what it really is.

C: Do you try to channel that through your music?
K: I believe you can’t really get the feel of a person through a song. They can write the most amazing song and still be an asshole, or vice versa.

C: So to finish off, tell me one random thing about you guys.
D: umm I don’t brush my teeth before going to sleep.
K: Seriously?
D: I usually think about brushing my teeth before going to sleep but I’m too tired
K: I usually think about where I’m going to sleep
D: Hotel bed or hotel floor, which one is better… well mostly the bed is better, but you never know. Hey, I’m serious.
K: well don’t mind him and thank you so much for a lovely interview.

C: Aw no thank you for taking the time to chat with us.
D: Our pleasure! 

Rachel DodsonCristina Carrazza is an assistant regional head in the Midwest region at Musiqtone. You can reach her at cristinacarrazza@musiqtone.com.

(C) 2009 Musiqtone. All Rights Reserved. Any part of this interview cannot be used without written express consent from both the representatives of Breathe Carolina and Musiqtone.
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