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The Hot Sweat
Hana Pestle
Hana Pestle
By Kim Kaminske-- Staff Writer, East Coast

The list of female stars from Disney, past and present probably would read like a book and 'Camp Rock' star and budding music star Demi Lovato could be the next big thing to come out of Disney. Currently on tour with the Jonas Brothers and The Veronicas after her own showcase tour around the country, she hopped on our Hot Seat before the Cleveland show with our Kim.

MT: Hey there! 
D: Hi!  How are you? 

MT: I’m great, how are you? 
D: I’m good thank you. 

MT: So first off, where are you calling us from? 
D: I am in Ohio. 

MT: And you’re still on tour with the Jonas Brothers, right? 
D: Yes. 

MT: So how has that tour been so far?  You’ve been on tour with them for most of the summer, correct? 
D: Umm, pretty much.  I actually went on tour by myself for the month of June. 

MT: Oh really?  How many dates did you do by yourself? 
D: We pretty much did one every day for the entire month, so about 30? 

MT: So what has been your favorite part of being on tour? 
D: My favorite part?  Well, yesterday was my birthday and I didn’t realize how many people, not cared, but you know, really wanted to make it special for me but they sang happy birthday to me while I was on stage.  And hearing all the fans singing happy birthday was completely a dream come true. 

MT: You turned 16, right? |
D: 16, yup. 

MT:  Super sweet sixteen, did you do anything special for it? 
D: Last night I went to celebrate at Applebees with my band. 

MT: That’s fun! 
D: Yeah, they were all like, “Do you want a party, what do you wanna do?”  And I was just like, “You know, I haven’t been to Applebees in forever and I would really just like to go with my band” haha.  So it was awesome. 

MT: Do you ever get stage fright in front on all of those people? 
D: Not really.  I feel a lot of pressure when my voice is tired. Like one day, right before I went on Good Morning America, I completely lost my voice and I had a lot of stage fright actually.  But I kinda pulled it off I guess, but my voice was still really tired. 

MT:  That’s funny you say that because I had woken up that morning and turned on the TV to Good Morning America, and the camera wasn’t on you at the moment and I couldn’t figure out who was singing, I had thought it was Hayley from Paramore.  So you did an amazing job for someone who had lost their voice. 
D: Oh thank you!  You know, I don’t think anyone really realized, or knew that I had lost my voice.  It’s a hard thing to do when you have to get up at like 5 in the morning, haha. 

MT: So your album is coming out in September, tell us a little about it. 
D: My album.  Oh my gosh I’m so excited, haha.  Well, it’s my first album ever and I co-wrote most of the songs with the Jonas Brothers.  We wrote pretty much the [whole] album in a week, and recorded it in 10 days.  I collaborated with different people.  One of my favorite people to work with would be Robert from Rooney, and that was pretty fun.  It’s pretty rock, you know.  It’s not purely edgy but I wanted to make a fun album and I think a lot of people will enjoy it

MT: When you’re writing a new song, it there a place you to for inspiration? 
D: I really try to point out little things, like things you do every day.  Like in one of the songs it talks about your fingertips on a window, it’s something everyone does but doesn’t really pay attention to.  And that could be about coping with everyday life or it could be about how I miss you, you know?  And I like to pull from past experiences. 

MT: How did you get started in the music business? 
D: Umm well I got my break in acting first, but pretty much my whole life, like the first time I performed I was five.  But it wasn’t in the “business”.  I loved it, I got my break in acting first and I fell in love with acting and I’ve just kind followed through ever since. 

MT: Did you teach yourself guitar, or did you take lessons? 
D: Oh no, I didn’t teach myself guitar.  My dad bought me a guitar when I was eight and I never played it, and I didn’t have a desire to play it and he was just like, “Well, whenever you need it, it’s there” and I’m like, alright whatever I’m probably never gunna play it. And then, I don’t know, I was in homeschooling and one day I got really lonely and I already started piano and I told my dad, I really want to play guitar.  So I started focusing on piano and guitar quite a bit and I would take lessons up to two or three times a week. 

MT: What age was that again? 
D: Umm, I think it was about 11. 

MT: How does it feel to be so well known by so many people at such a young age? 
D: I don’t really feel it actually, because I can still go to the mall and totally not be recognized.  But it’s funny though because even when I dress up or whatever, and I’m wearing heels because I have an appearance right after, I don’t get recognized unless I’m like with the boys, or with Selena or someone who is also known.  I kinda like it though because I get to still live a normal life instead of like, a crazy known life, haha. 

MT: So you don’t always have to go out incognito? 
D: No definitely not.  I will when people are expecting it, you know.  People will wait at hotels if we’re staying at if they know that we’re staying there and it’s really cool when you get to see your fans.  I like being not all that recognized.  I’m not a huge fan of photographers, I’m like “Oh great photographers, I look like crap today”  haha. 

MT: Tell us about your experience with Camp Rock. 
D: My experience with Camp Rock was probably one of the best experiences I have ever had other than the tour.  I had a lot of fun and I learned a lot about myself too while I was filming the movie because my character was about a  girl who finds herself through music and really figures out who she is, and that is almost exactly what I was going through at the time. 

MT: So I hear you’re into metal music, who are a few of your favorite bands? 
D: Umm, well I am into metal music, but I think when I said it in that interview they made it sound like it was all I listened to, haha.  My favorite [metal band] is Job for a Cowboy, though. 

MT: If you could perform or collaborate with anyone, who would it be? 
D: I think is would be Hayley Williams from Paramore, haha. 

MT: Is that your favorite band? 
D: Yes it is. 

MT: Ok well thanks so much Demi, good luck with your show tonight and happy birthday! 
D: Thanks so much!
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