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Tuesday, December 7th
The Hot Sweat
Hana Pestle
Hana Pestle
You've probably seen their symbol. Never really knowing what it is. But once you hear that familiar song "Guilty Pleasure" from their second album. It may finally ring a bell. Touring with Forever the Sickest Kids, Sing It Loud, and Hit the Lights, they set aside some time to speak with us. I guess you can say they have a few surprises for us in store.

J: How have things been since we put you on the hot seat in New Hampshire last November? Has anything changed since then?
A: Well, the venues are a lot larger on this tour, which we're excited about. We didn't really know how to scale on our last tour, so we scaled in smaller rooms hoping good things would happen and sure enough they did. So that's the biggest thing that's different. After Warped Tour, a lot of new people that have seen us come out to our shows too, which is cool.

J: What kind of audience are you trying to reach out to?
A: I don't think we have a specific audience, we just like people who wanna have a good time, you know, our main thing is that we like to party, and have fun. 

J: What have you guys been doing lately?
A: Yeah we recorded an album, while we were at home.

J: Any plans for a new album?
A: So we have a new record that's gonna be done. We're hoping to finish it really really soon. We might to do a fly out on tour, finish a couple of little things and be ready to party again. All over again.

J: Patrick Stump produced your last record. Any chance he is going to do it again?
A: He's worked with us a little bit on it but unfortunately, because of their record that's due out, he wasn't as available as he was last time. We actually ran into him at our managers office, right before we left for tour "man, I was so looking forward to doing another record with you guys, but I can't because of my schedule." And we're like, "dude, we understand." But we still did a couple of things with him which it still worked out.

J: Is there anyone other you would like to collaborate with on the next album?
A: Um, none that i can say. I can't say, I gotta keep it hush hush.

J: How do you feel about headlining this tour?
A: It's fun, it's really rewarding, it's crazy to see how many people have come to all of our shows, and how many they've been to before, and are coming back to see us. People that have seen us for the first time on Warped Tour, people that have just heard about us.

J: How do you feel about having sold out shows?
A: The shows are all doing great. Which it is really awesome to know that. That things are still going really well.

J: What is the next big thing for you guys?
A: We're talking about a couple of big things. I can't say what they are, cause it's too early in the game.

J: How do you like touring with Forever the Sickest Kids, Hit The Lights, and Sing It Loud?
A: We met Pat Brown, their singer, on our very first tour. In fact he was doing merchandise for the opening band Patent Pending. So now he's touring with us, and he's like "this is the biggest shows I've ever played in my life." and it's so great and their killing it, which is awesome. Hit The Lights, those guys are really awesome and Forever The Sickest Kids, are also killin' it.

J: Is this tour any different from your last tour "The Really Really Ridiculously Good Looking Tour?"
A: I mean, different bands, you know, um, last tour, the style with all the different bands. We had We The Kings, Metrostation, and The Cab. It was a cool collective of different sounds.  It's great because we're bringing out Sing It Loud.

J: What is your favorite song to perform? and why?
A: Smile for the Paparazzi. Yeah, i get to shred it on the maracas, dude.
A: You like my hair cut? I just got it cut today.

J: Yeah its awesome, looks good, I like it.

Rachel DodsonJustyna Zurek is a staff writer in the Midwest region at Musiqtone. You can reach her at justynazurek@musiqtone.com.

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