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The Hot Sweat
The Cab
Hana Pestle
By Alexandra Zawada-- I Assistant Regional Head, Midwest

The Cab is a band that is growing more and more in popularity day by day. It comes to no surprise if you're a fan already. Their catchy and inspiring lyrics will leave anyone at least humming along after the first listen. They are currently on their headlining tour, "What Happens In Vegas", and just released a new EP called "The Lady Luck". They are more than excited about beginning work for their second CD and the fans mean the world to them. We were able to catch up with Alex Deleon, lead singer, and Bryan Dawson, guitarist, when they made their stop in Chicago for a show.

Alex: Introduce yourselves.

Alex Deleon: My name is Alex, the same as your lovely name.
Bryan Dawson: My name is Bryan, I play the guitar.

Alex: Describe The Cab.

AD: The Cab. Well, The Cab is a mixture of- it's uh, it's pretty much a group of body builders that we got together and we just wanted to start a muscle and fitness exercise program for middle America. So we got the most muscular, tallest people we could find and started an army and then, you know, we picked up instruments on the side, called us The Cab. We play pop, rock, soul, and R&B music. True story.

Alex: What has been the best thing so far on the What Happens in Vegas tour?

AD: I mean- for Bryan probably waking up and seeing my face everyday. But for me, I would have to say playing the shows. It's our first headlining tour. We get to play a lot of songs and you know, we've been playing tours for two years where we only have twenty five minutes to play five or six songs. This tour to be able to play like Vegas Skies, our ballad, and pretty much our whole album and do covers- it's a lot of fun. And the kids have been great.
BD: The fact that the shows have been selling out means a lot to us because- like Deleon gives a speech at every show about the economy being kind of crappy right now. The fact that the kids are still willing to play money for us really means a lot to us. That's the best part.
AD: And waking up, and seeing my face.
BD: Exactly what he says, everyday.

Alex: With touring; you guys are just non-stop touring. Before this one was The Secret Valentine Tour and then before that you toured with Fall Out Boy. Are you going to continue with that or do something else after this tour?

AD: This is actually probably our last tour before we do our next record. So I mean yeah, we are a band so we'll probably tour for the rest of our lives. Hopefully, but uh- no we just have a new record to do and we're really excited. We've been writing a lot. This is kind of like our last hooray, you know with headlining and to have as much fun as we can before it's like back to the studio.
Alex: About the record; I know you have the new EP out, why didn't you guys just wait to make a full length CD?

AD: That was more of something cool and fun to do for the fans, like for this tour. A lot of those were just re-recorded that were never used; one's a remix, one's an acoustic version, there's a cover, and there is like one new song that we kind of did for fun. It's not actually like a new EP of music, it's kind of like different versions of songs that kids are familiar with by us. You know a lot of kids, there is a song called 'Lights' that's really popular on YouTube and there is an acoustic version of us doing it in San Diego and they always ask for it, so we threw that on there for them. It's just kind of to hold people over until our new album comes out. To give the kids something to have fun with, a little summer listening.

Alex: Is there anything else that your fans can look forward to?

BD: The rest of the tour.
AD: Yeah, the rest of the tour. We still have over a month to go. They all get to meet Bryan. If you haven't met Bryan, he's the coolest dude ever.
BD: True story.
AD: I did teach him every thing he knows and yeah, there is a lot to look forward to. We always have stuff up our sleeves.

Alex: If you could change one thing about the music industry, what would it be?

AD: The whole thing. I mean, I don't know, there is a lot of shadiness in the music industry and it's extremely hard to find good people. Like when you do find good people, they are extremely good people, but it's kind of a shady industry. It's like very high school like, very cliquey. It's very like- I don't know, it's very dramatic. A lot of people's hearts and minds are in the wrong places. I guess when you meet good people, they are very good people and then you become like friends for life. So, not complaining, I mean I wouldn't want to be in any other industry, but it is a lot more difficult.

Alex: What's different about your band than others?

AD: I mean, like I said before, we are much more muscular than other bands. Other bands lack-
BD: And really good looking.
Alex: Are you sure? No, I'm just kidding.
AD: I didn't say that, I know I'm not good looking. I do have huge muscles, like I get asked five times a day about what I do and asked for tips how I get my guns like that.
Alex: Nothing about the music, it's all about the muscles.
AD: Oh, oh, I mean the music- it's all about the music, but there wouldn't be the music if I didn't have these huge muscles, you know? I think actually, to be honest, I think we incorporate a whole bunch of different genres of music into one and our second CD will be a lot more of that. We're not just like the same exact thing as like ever other band. We don't try to copy or mimic any other band. We take all of our different influences; like classic rock, Justin Timberlake, everything and kind of mix it into one genre. So I think that separates us a little bit.

Alex: What has been your biggest challenge as a band?
AD: We got thrown into this right after high school. We didn't have any time on our own really, it was like we went to high school and then a week after we graduated we went out on our first tour and been doing that ever since. Just adjusting to the real world and growing up while being on the road has definitely been pretty hard. How about you?
BD: Adjusting to this band, because this is my first tour obviously. It's not even that much of a challenge, because they are all good guys and easy to get along with. Nothing has really been that challenging for me, except like learning all the songs.
AD: He's a whiner sometimes.

Alex: What is your direction for your next CD?
BD: More mature. Obviously, because like these guys are growing up. I'm already mature. I know two years isn't a lot, but in music it is- you mature a lot.
AD: I don't know, I mean I think we finally know what we want, like he says the maturity thing. The first record we kind of just went with it. We wrote songs and recorded. This time I kind of know what I want to do and what we want to do. Like every song, I think, is going to be different on the record. I don't think we're going to have one record of like twelve of the same songs, every song will be different. And instead of being afraid to push the envelope, like push boundaries, we're just going to do it. If we want to be extremely poppy, we're just going to be poppy. We're not going to be like, you know we're going to be poppy but still a little rock. If we want to have a pop song, we'll do straight pop, or one song straight R&B. We're kind of done caring about what we should do and we're just going to do what we want to do.

Alex: I know there are three other band members that aren't present, so describe them for us and yourselves. Describe each other.

AD: Bryan is the southern, he's from North Carolina. So he's got the southern accent, the southern charm. He's a very good guy, hardworking, good heart- just a very, very good, chill dude. He does have that crazy side to him which is a good crazy, not like the crazy psycho but like the fun crazy- where he hears, he thinks Transformers are hiding out in our hotel room. When it's actually just like the air conditioning making noises. It's awesome though. Now what about- Cash is the crazy guy that gets stupid tattoos. Johnson is-
BD: So laid back, but if you push his buttons-
AD: He's stubborn, he's like no emotion but he's probably the funniest dude in the band. Marshall is the most- likes the most hair products, but is also really chill and like loves to write and make music. What am I, Bryan?
BD: You're probably the most annoying.
AD: Wow, thank you.
BD: He's- so far, I've connected the most with him. We get along really well, he's just a genuine guy, nice, loves music just like me. Pretty cool, I would say.

Alex: What has been the craziest moment while touring?

AD: We partied with Asher Roth last night. We stood on stage and like got down with Asher Roth in front of like, dude like thousands and thousands of people at Summerfest in Milwaukee, WI. It was pretty bad ass, and after the show we walked off stage with 'The Cab' shirt on and it was pretty insane. It was pretty awesome.

Alex: What about your craziest fan encounter?

BD: We get a lot of like gift bags and favorite candy and bracelets. We get bracelets all the time.
AD: When our band first started out, we had a fan bake us a cake with her blood in it. It was pretty gross. We also had some Gothic girl came up to me and asked me if we could make out so she could suck out my soul and inherit some of my talent, and all I could think about was The Little Mermaid, like Ursula. It freaked me out, she thought that by making out with me she would breath in and suck in some of my singing abilities. That was very awkward. I think I turned around and walked as far away from her as I could, as possible.
Alex: You didn't respond?
AD: No, I just looked at like okay I'm going to walk away right now.
BD: Some kid wanted to fight Marshall a few days ago. He asked him to sign his skateboard and then got really close to his face and said some obscene things, but then the security guards showed him out so it was good. Good times.

Alex: What is your motivation to continue on with touring, with music, and everything?

AD: Everything, I mean there is so many.
BD: For me being a little older and not played music since out of high school but just experiencing the real world, that's kind of it. I wanted to play music, because everything else I did just didn't feel right for me. So, that is my inspiration. I don't have to go through life doing things that I don't want to do.
AD: Seeing the world, making my family proud, making my friends proud, the fans- you know the kids that come to shows and we're like pretty young to be in a band. I was in the band when I was seventeen/sixteen and we got signed when I was still eighteen. So I think a lot of the kids look up to us because we are like their age and we are proof that ordinary kids can achieve their dreams if they want to. So it's like they motivate me, kids really are inspired by us, which is amazing, because they inspire us. And it's like truly cool that we can do that for them, that definitely motivates us every night and to do well. We try to hang out after every shower. We try to show people that their dreams can come true if they keep their head up, good things will happen.

Alex: Is there anything you'd like to say to your fans?

BD: Keep coming to the shows. Keep selling them out. We love it.
AD: If you ever need fitness tips, I'm only five dollars an hour. I give really good deals. You can take pictures of my biceps for fifteen cents each and Bryan is a photographer.
BD: Yeah, I actually take pictures and print them out on the spot.
Alex: Okay, thank you.
AD: Alright. Thank you, guys.
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