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The Hot Sweat
Honor Society
Hana Pestle
By Ann Frohoff-- I Assistant Regional Head, West/Southwest

The last time Honor Society sat in our Hot Seat, they were still a group that people had to know and was in the midst of building what now is a very large fanbase for an act that had yet to sign with an established label. And to boot, we caught them at a local high school in Marlboro, NJ.

What a difference almost one year can make! Now, the foursome has made their move to Los Angeles and parlayed their long time friendship and association with teen pop act Jonas Brothers into a deal with the newly formed management and production company The Jonas Group and instead of playing at local high schools (although they probably still do), the band now plays to large, teen girl-centric crowds at the likes of Irving Plaza, the House of Blues in LA and San Diego and most recently Bamboozle. And you can also catch them as one of the main opening acts along with former Idol winner Jordin Sparks on the Jonas Brothers World Tour coming to an arena near you!

Before they played at Hershey Park, PA, San Diego and Bamboozle, our Ann Frohoff got to sit down with the foursome in Los Angeles for a little pre-tour sendoff and we got some things out of the guys!


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