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Wednesday, February 28th
The Hot Sweat
Four Year Strong
Hana Pestle
Four guys from Pennsylvania are carrying out their dream and making a name for themselves in the industry. Writing music and comparing themselves to big name bands such as The Who these guys are definitely worth your time.

Spencer:Can you introduce yourself and tell what you do in the band?

Ned:This is Ned Goldman and I'm the singer and rhythm guitarist.
Collin:This is Collin, I play the drums.
Steve Koz:This is Steve Koz and I play lead guitar.
Steve:This is Steve and I play the bass.

Spencer:How did you all meet and decide to form the band?

Ned:In 6th grade, some of us went to school together, Steve joined the band later, and we got together to perform a version of "Wipe Out" for a talent show. We were pretty little there but we started taking it pretty seriously and it turned into a really good experience and a tight band.

Spencer:Cool, so you were how old?

Ned:We were like 12. And then Steve Koz, the guitar player, he joined last year.

Spencer:Nice. Do you write all your songs together or do one of you write more then the others?

Colin:We all write the songs together. Sometimes we come up with lyrics, sometimes we come up with music but it's all a collective writing process.

Spencer:How do lyrics come to you?

Colin:The lyrics come through life experiences or things that have happened to us or friends.

Spencer:What bands do you guys look to for inspiration?

Ned:We all have like really deep rooted classic rock influence, we all have very musical families. We all listen to modern music and we're influenced by bands like The Black Keys, Nirvana, and The Foo Fighters.

Spencer:For each of you, if you could record or perform with any band or artist who would you pick?

Steve Koz:I think I'd really like to play with The Red Hot Chili Peppers. Oh, that's right, they broke up, that'd be pretty tough.. to accomplish.
Ned:I'd have to say Led Zeppelin. I think somebody would wanna work with like a classic rock, epic band. That'd just be amazing.
Steve:Or maybe someone like the Rolling Stones.
Collin:I'd have to say The Who because I am very influenced and we have that style of rock as well.

Spencer:Those are all really awesome bands. Were you nervous the first time you preformed on stage?

Ned:We practiced a ton to just perform one song. We were all nervous but it more of like an excited feeling and we were all just excited to get in front of people because prior to that we were all playing music for the better part of our teenage lives.

Spencer:Where do you guys wanna be in 10 years?

Steve:I think we definitely want to just keep on making music and hopefully have a couple albums out there, and just keep on making good music for people.

Spencer:What's your philosophy on music?

Steve:I definitely think that music is like a medicine and it really helps people through hard times so I think that's why we make music just to help people cause it's helped us a lot.

Spencer:Is there anything you'd like to say to your fans at musiqtone.com?

Ned:We just wanna thank all our fans for all the support we get. We're really really grateful to have people like that. We wanna remind everyone to start voting on Radio Disney on April 4th again. That's the last time for voting so it'd be really great if everyone could get on there.

Rachel DodsonSpencer Abbott is an asst. regional head in the Midwest region at Musiqtone. You can reach her at spencerabbott@musiqtone.com.

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The Hot Serat
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