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Wednesday, February 28th
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Facts about the band

Troy Mayfield: Lead vocals
Mike Horne: Violin, vocals
Nick Knirk: Guitar, vocals
John Carruth: Drums
Wes Stephenson: Bass

-DFW Music Portal named the band "Band of the Month" in Feb. 2004

-wakingNorman has shared the stage with big stars like Uncle Kracker, fellow Texas native Pat Green, Vanessa Carlton, the Goo Goo Dolls, and Third Eye Blind
Sights and Sounds
Four-song sampler

I Go Left
Stuck In A Stare


Stuck in a Stare

Waking Norman

An Interview with Musiqtone
Special to Musiqtone
Dallas-based band Waking Norman is the second act to land as a 'You Gotta Know' for Musiqtone and the first this year since inagural 'You Gotta Know' Michael Celedon, also from Dallas made it at the the end of last year. 'You Gotta Know' is a special feature which profiles a new and/or emerging talent in the industry as part of our initiative to connect with all audiences, both the mainstream and underground. Waking Norman fuse together an alt-rock (which is reminiscent of Hootie & The Blowfish and Dave Matthews Band) base with a blend of funk, jazz, and some pop elements and also features an electric acoustic guitar and electric violin, further giving the group its unique and fresh sound. This is an interview I conducted with the band via e-mail...

How did you guys get together? I know every band out there has some tale to spin on how they came together!

Troy: Through seven years of trial and tribulations
Mike: We were united by a powerful wizard to battle the evil lords of “Lite- Rock” led by the Opossum King!

Nick: Once there was a band called Benjamin Allen Band. Over time, every single member burned out except the singer. New players came into the band. New songs were written. And, Waking Norman was born.

Who are the music influences/heroes for both the band and individually?

Troy: A soul driven vocal from artists such as Monte Montgomery, Adam Duritz and Brian McKnight.
Mike: Indie Rock.

This one is for Mike and I have to ask because I too play the violin, having played it since 12. How did you get started and how long have you been playing?

Mike: I didn’t want to be in the school band (everyone else was), so I joined the orchestra in 3rd grade.

OK, here’s the big one: What are you guys’ philosophy on music? Everyone that is in music has some sort of philosophy.

Troy: Prince was the last one to say in Musicology that music today should be given to the next generation much as it was given to us. Real music, real soul, true to its own.

How have people responded to the music you guys have made? I have to personally say that you guys should be hitting the big time! There aren’t enough acts like you guys in the mainstream these days!

Troy: Once again, it’s easy for people to respond to something fresh and new, especially when radio has given them what they are supposed to think is the “ NEXT BIG THING”. As long as people crave the roots of music, one by one true music will grow legions of fans, much as it does at each of our shows.

Everyone has goals and a future. Where do you see yourselves five or ten years from now and what are your goals? Do you have an ultimate goal?

Troy: As any musician knows, it’s sometimes difficult to make ends meet with the blessing and the curse we all have. Following what we all know to be true, we will have no problem living a comfortable life through the gifts we’ve been given. And as Mike always says, our ultimate goal is to master Chinese checkers and sculpt famous heads of state.

Nick: Damn, I new I should have paid attention during that goal-setting seminar…I don’t know, man. In 5 years, we want a record deal that’s got us completely by the balls. In ten years, we want to be up to our eyeballs in insurmountable debt to the label. We want the rat race, baby! Bring it on.

The Burn:

Who’s the creative one in the band?

Troy: Billy Rodriguez
Mike: Everyone but me
Wes: Everyone except Mikey
John: Stevie Ray Vaughan….no really Rosie.
Nick: Pete Dupre

What’s spinning in your CD players right now?

Troy: Musiq, Soulchild, Monte Montgomery, Gavin DeGraw
Mike: Damien Rice, The Mars Volta, The Postal Service
Wes: Chick Corea
John: Stevie Ray Vaughan
Nick: Dust

The music none of your friends expect you to listen to?

Troy: Justin Timberlake
Mike: Johnny Cash
Wes: Willie Nelson
John: Stevie Ray Vaughan
Nick: What friends?

Favorite foods?

Troy: Pizza
Mike: Good beer or good wine
Wes: Cigarz's chicken panini
John: American food
Nick: Bananas Foster

The ultimate tour spot?

Troy: Back on stage with Counting Crows
Mike: Europe
Wes: Anywhere if it’s the right tour
John: Europe
Greenland in January

Which act would you love to share the stage with?

Troy: Adam Duritz and Phil Collins
Mike: Wayne Newton
Wes: Sting or Prince
John: Stevie Ray Vaughan
Barnum and Bailey

OK, what special talents besides music do all you guys have?

Troy: Arguing with Wes and wiping a$$es
Mike: I am talentless
Wes: Arguing
John: Business Management…next to Rosie and Pete
Flogging a dead horse

Every band has some sort of embarrassing moment---what is yours?

Troy: “Good night Baylor” when we were actually at TCU.
Mike: Wrestling our soundman to the ground on New Years Eve in Greenland. I had some drinks.
Wes: I shat myself.
John: Playing drums every night.
Wesley…Why don’t you answer this one?

-Alan Ho

(C) 2005 Musiqtone. All Rights Reserved. Any part of this interview cannot be used without written express consent from both the representatives of Waking Norman and Musiqtone.