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Tuesday, December 7th
Interviews: Hinder
The Band
Hinder is:

Austin Winkler (Vocals)
Mark King (Guitar)
Blower (Guitar)
Mike Rodden (Bass)
Cody Hanson (Drums)
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An exclusive interview with Musiqtone
Hinder (verb): 1. To be or get in the way of. 2. To obstruct or delay the progress of. 3. To interfere with action or progress.

Let nothing "hinder" your appreciation of the subtleties purveyed by this Oklahoma City fivesome, who are collectively dedicated to bringing back the good old decadent days when sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll weren't dirty words, but a way of life.

Here is the exclusive interview with Hinder's drummer Cody Hanson with Rita Shaba.


Rita Shaba: Hey Cody! Thankyou so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to do this interview. I know you're really busy. So I really appreciate it.

Cody: No problem! Thankyou so much for letting us do this.

Rita: Any time! Now Cody, how did the band Hinder come together?

Cody H: Well it started in Oklahoma with Blower(guitarist) I, when we were in college. It was a while before i picked up a set of drumsticks, so it was just fun and games at first. Then we started playing at parties so we had never thought about recording labels at the time. I was majoring in business to maybe own my own label company or even work in one. I never imagined being signed by one. Then 4 years later, we got signed by Universal and here we are.

Rita: Who are your major influences?

Cody: Definitely Guns & Roses, Areosmith, Rolling Stones, and a little bit of Weezer, taking back sunday... and mainly 80's rock.

Rita: What philosophy is behind the music of Hinder?

Cody: Well we want to change what kind of music people listen to. We also want to bring that 80's rock that changed the world at one time, BACK!

Rita: What would be the ultimate venue to tour in?

Cody: Well we don't really have a favorite one, just as long as it's packed with people who are ready to party and have a good time.

Rita: So Cody, what kind of goals do you have for Hinder?

Cody: Well we have just started writing our next album, and currently we are touring with GodSmack. Yeah! This year you can plan on seeing us touring a lot.

Rita: Okay rockstar! What kind of music do you listen to that none of your friends nor your fans would ever expect you to listen to?

Cody: I am a huge fan of Country music. And I like the oldies rap. I like 2 poc, bone thugs and harmony...stuff like that.

Rita: Awesome! Cody who are three people you would love to have dinner with?

Cody: Can they be dead?

Rita: Yes!

Cody: I would have to say Buddy Holly, Jimi Hendrix, and Marilyn Monroe.

Rita: Ah you're a man after my own heart Cody. Marilyn Monroe should definitely be idolized.

Rita: I know your on tour right now. But what three bands would you love to share the stage with?

Cody: Hmm... Aerosmith, Metalica, and Taking Back Sunday.

Rita: Alright now the fans want some funny stories from you. So do you got any?

Cody: (laughing) That is a hard one, but i do have one. It's pretty embarrasing though. This one time we were playing on stage in Ohio and we were all so hammered before we got on, that as we were playing, people were falling off everywhere. One guy fell off a roof and another guy fell 8 feet in the air. This was all happening while we were playing.

Rita: (laughing) And these were just crazy fans?

Cody: No they were band members.

Rita: That is definitely hilarious! Are all of your concerts that extreme?

Cody: No! That was just a crazy day.

Rita: Shinedown, evans blue, fuel?

Cody: definitely shinedown!

Rita ShabaRita Shaba is the head of features and interviews at Musiqtone. You can reach her at ritashaba@musiqtone.com

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