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The Hot Sweat
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By Stephanie Mora and Valerie Roder

One word can describe the year 2010, so far, for the band Days Difference: whirlwind. When we put lead singer, Jeremy William Smith on The Hot Seat at the beginning of this year, they were still an up and coming band. But after opening for Jordin Spark's on her Battlefield Tour, and with their hit single Speakers still climbing up the Adult Contemporary charts, Days Difference is very much becoming the IT band. The band's success this year can be heard in the screams of adoring teenage girls when the guys take the stage. These same girls are also the ones who stand in long meet and greet lines just to say hi to the guys and take photos. This is only the beginning of their success, though. If their excellent musicianship and humble attitudes are any indication, we'll be seeing even bigger and better things from the guys of Days Difference in the future.

On Saturday, July 24th, 2010, Days Difference made a pit stop in Boise, Idaho to play the Boise Music Festival along side the Backstreet Boys and Bret Michaels.  While in Boise, we had the chance to sit down with Jeremy and Jonathan Smith, and Jeremiah and Micah Ricks, and talk in depth about tour, music, and what's in store next for the band. They also answered questions that you, the Musiqtone visitors sent in, and we had them play a fun game. In the video below you will not only find our interview with Days Difference, but also exclusive backstage coverage of the Boise Music Festival including Days Difference playing football with the Backstreet Boys! We would appreciate your feedback, as this is our very first video blog and interview combined into one video.

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The Hot Serat
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