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Tuesday, December 7th
The Hot Sweat


Forever The Sickest Kids

An exclusive interview with Musiqtone
When Jonathan Cook of Forever the Sickest Kids accidently bought a front page spot on purevolume.com, the band wasn't expecting too much more then to get a few listens. In a panic they recorded "Hey Brittany" and put it up, leading to the attention of several record labels. In less then two years the band has gone from just being formed to playing sold out shows, having packed crowds on a full ride on Warped Tour and, most recently, making the transition from simply being "a band to watch out for" to the cover of Alternative Press. On the opening night of the Sassyback Tour with Cobra Starship, Jonathan Cook and Austin Bello took some time out of their afternoon to talk about their success, their newest album, "Underdog Alma Mater", and to dish about their dream tour.

Video interview:


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