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The Hot Sweat
Hana Pestle
By Alexandra Zawada, I Regional Head- Midwest

In June 2009, he went from a well-known actor to an astonishing music artist - is there anything Mitchel Musso can't accomplish? If you have your own consistant outlook on Disney acts, then I'm sure Mitchel will shock you. All you need to do is attend one of his concerts and sit down and talk to him - well; maybe the second one is a tad bit harder, so save yourself the trouble and go with the first plan. We were able to talk to Mitchel at the House of Blues in Chicago on August 15th and let you discover the past, present, and future of Mitchel Musso himself.

Alex: Describe your CD for us.
Mitchel: The sound of the CD - it's kind of like electro, rock, hip-hop - I really tried to add all elements of music into my album to be completely honest with you.

A: Why did you want to get into singing?
M: I've always been involved with singing - I was involved before I was an actor. Acting was so much easier to get into in the first place, so it was like I'd rather start with that. I've been playing the piano since I was about 6 years old. I've been playing the guitar since I was about 10 years old. I've been playing the drums since I was about 12 years old. And so now I'm an artist and am singing.

A: How was the whole process for you; from acting to singing?
M: It's been a while, but this is really - I like music more than I like acting. It's just because when I'm an actor my job consists of playing a character, getting the call time, and a script - so pretty much who you are is written out for how you have to act and what you have to say. When I'm doing music, I write my own script - you know I'm constantly writing my own songs - and I get my own call time, I could be in the studio at 3 in the morning if I wanted to.

A: Are you planning on continuing your music career and going onto a second album?
M: Yeah, I mean we are about to tour Europe and then we're going to come back and make a new CD. We're already in the middle of making a new CD. We'll do it all over again, with the brand new stuff and just keep doing it, you know?

A: What has been your favorite thing about touring?
M: My favorite thing about touring - another door opens up when you write music, you get to go out in person and see bands in person and stuff. You get to relate more, instead being behind a camera and just watching the TV. I actually get to see everyone in person. I think it's cooler.

A: What's your favorite memory that stuck out the most to you from touring?
M: Any show is a good memory for me - just knowing that all these people are showing up, that we are selling out the House of Blues and awesome venues, Six Flags, and stuff like that. It's awesome. Just that alone is good enough for me.

A: Whose your inspiration?
M: My brother, Mason. He's always been my inspiration, and also he's my older brother. Your older siblings are usually your icons.

A: Is there a difference between you playing your own shows and then when you tour with your brother's band?
M: Yeah, like I play a longer set when it's just me. But it was actually a lot of fun touring with them. It was a shortest set, I only played 6 songs, this show I played 11. But still, it was a lot of fun being on the road with them.

A: If you could collaborate with anyone who would it be?
M: Truthfully, my dream collaboration was my older brother but if it were to be anyone else it'd be a rapper. I would do the singing and then the rapper would do his thing.

A: At any moment did you think that there is no way you could do this, that you thought you should just give up - what was your motivation to keep on going?
M: You know what, if it's what you want to do you gotta keep on excelling and progressing and eventually you'll do it. And I mean I know it doesn't sound original at all, everyone will tell you to keep working hard, keep working hard but it's truth of the matter.

A: How about your fans... Today was crazy!
M: I know, I love them to death. The more wild they are, like when they're jumping around and like yelling to take my shirt off and such - the wildest you can be, that's what I love. I love the fans, they are crazy.

A: What has been your craziest fan encounter?
M: There are two that really stick out. There was this one girl at Wango Tango that jumped up at the end of the cat walk and started running at me. I thought she was going to like tackle me, but she ended up stopping right when she got next to me and started dancing with me. I thought that was actually awesome. I loved that. I thought that was the coolest thing. And then, this other girl - out here in Chicago, it was during the winter and it was all snowy outside and it was cold and this girl starts running at me and I'm like 'I wonder if these security guards know this girl is running towards me', she jumped across the table and kissed me.

A: We met her!
M: You did? Wow!

A: Yeah, she told us the whole story. What a small world!
M: Yeah; that sticks out, but I love that kind of stuff. I think that's so sick. I love that, I think it's awesome.

A: We didn't hear about your album until like two months before it actually released - were you worried that your fans wouldn't really accept it and they'd be sceptical about it?
M: Oh yeah, I'm still like that! I mean I'm 18 years old and I work at Disney, it's hard to get some respect. But truthfully, this is so more me than anything else. If they accept it, they accept it.

A: What can fans expect from you in the next year or few months to come?
M: Well; a bunch of TV stuff, some new movie stuff, a bunch more music, and new music videos. We're about to shoot the next music video for 'Shout It' with Mason. So Mason and I are going to be in it together. Other than that, we're really not supposed to talk about some other things - gotta keep it under wraps.

A: Is there anything you want to say to your fans?
M: I love you guys and I know it doesn't sound original but I do love you guys, don't know if I could say it enough. Come to shows, I'd love to see you - I'd love to sign stuff. I love doing that for you guys.

A: Thank you.
M: No, thank you guys.
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