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The Hot Sweat
Stephen Jerzak
Stephen Jerzak
By Justyna Zurek-- Staff writer, Midwest

Four years ago, Christofer Drew Ingle, began making music at home. Through the power of the internet he released his music through myspace.com, then a year later released his first EP, Yippee! His success was made possible to fans that were open to what Christofer had to offer. In 2008 his alias became NeverShoutNever, but the writing of the name changed a few times. He is now signed to Warner Bros. Records and released his full length “What is Love” in January of 2010. He is now headlining the AP Tour, and is going to be at the Vans Warped Tour, once again. We sat down with Christofer at the House of Blues in Chicago on the AP Tour, to learn a little about him.

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The Hot Serat
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