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Saturday, February 24th
The Hot Sweat
Hana Pestle

Brooklyn natives, The Honorary Title, are definitely not new to the music industry, having released their first full length album in 2004, but they set the standard for many indie rock bands out there today. With their talent and number of fans only increasing, The Honorary Title released their latest full length album, “Scream and Light Up The Sky” in August of 2007. It’s a must have for any fans of The Honorary Title.

Amy: Can you introduce yourself and your role in the band?
Jarrod: Hi, I’m Jarrod Gorbel. Male dominatrix. Hermaphrodite. Transsexual. I’m a little bit of everything as far as the band is concerned, and my secret lifestyle. But no, I’m a singer, songwriter, guitarist guy for The Honorary Title.

A: When did you first start pursuing music?
J: When I was a wee child. A small little bittle, a small little bitty child. I would play the piano, and it would be pretty.

A. Has your family had any musical influence on you?
J. Um, no.
A. None?
J. No, not really.

A. What’s your favorite part about touring?
J. My favorite part about touring is getting to a venue that’s really shitty and the toilet closes so that there’s a one foot gate, so you can still see everybody. Because I like to see everybody when I’m taking a dump.

A. Do you have any pre-show rituals?
J. I have these two leaves and they are covered in 14 karat gold. And I take the leaves and I rub them all over my body and I usually do a circular motion over both ass cheeks. About ten minutes for each ass cheek. *laughs* I do warm ups and drink a red bull. I mean, come on. The real answer is boring, you know what I mean. Let’s just say I have a golden leaf tucked between my nuts and my dick. That might be a better thing. That’s more interesting for the readers.

A. What is one thing that you always have to have with you while on the road?
J. Anal beads. *laughs* No I’m just kidding. I’ve actually never used them before. I wear them as a necklace. They’re cheaper than real pearl necklaces. No, the things I have to have on the road are all different layers of clothing. Good moisturizers. You gotta have good moisturizers. And you gotta have toothpicks.

A. If you weren’t playing music, what would you be doing?
J. Everyone asks that one. Let me thing of something good. *pauses to think while staring at his scarf* I’d probably be a studying the small snots that I just wiped on my scarf. I’d magnify them and do a science experiment. No, I would probably be a professional douche bag. *switches to a serious, monotone voice* This is my destiny. I can’t see myself doing anything else.

A. Do you have any memorable fan stories?
J. Fan mistakes maybe? No, haha, we have some awesome fans. They bring us baked goods, and they’re pretty memorable. Most of the things I remember about fans are them actually having a good time at the show because I hate when kids just sit there and just look bored the whole time.

A. Why even come to a show if you aren’t going to enjoy it?
J. Exactly. It’s like what the fuck are you doing here?

A. How do you go about writing your songs?
J. I’m actually writing one right now *sings a random tune about sunshine* Did you get that? I’m going to call you and get that because that’s really classic. It’s very subtle.

A. What is one album you can’t live without?
J. I can’t think of just one. Like every year it’s a different album. Ryan Adams - Heartbreaker. Elliott Smith - Either/Or.

A. Where do you see yourself in five years?
J. In five years? Fucking like on top of the fucking world, you know what I’m saying? TRL, fucking like all over pattern hoodies. Five years, I hope still doing this but to a higher level with more people not having a good time at our shows.

A. With more people?
J. Yeah, like a whole shitload of people staring at you and not having a good time.

A. What advice do you have for bands out there that are trying to make it?
J. There really is no such thing as make it. There are so many different ways, so many different variables. Just don’t be close minded and you’ll succeed. Unless you suck. That’s not to say that bands that suck don’t become successful, so I take that back.

A. Everyone has their own opinion on who sucks or not
J. Yeah you just need a passion. Lots of luck and hard work.

A. Do you have anything else you’d like to add?
J. No. I think that’s it.

Amy WalkerAmy Walker is a staff writer for Musiqtone.com. You can reach her at amywalker@musiqtone.com

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The Hot Serat
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