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The Hot Sweat
Hana Pestle
Hana Pestle
By Cristina Carrazza-- Regional Head, Midwest

Cristina: So first of all, introduce yourselves
Garrett: I'm Garrett and I play bass
Pat: I'm Pat and I play drums. We're The Maine
Garrett: We're 2/5ths of The Maine.

CC: How's Warped Tour going?
GN: Good! It's been long.
PK: We're just over the halfway point. So we're starting to feel the, uh, tiredness.
GN: John got the flu today.

Alan: well that's unfortunate. So you guys recently got signed to Warner Brothers Records? How does it feel? Any changes?
GN: Nothings really changed.
PK: Yeah and I don't think anything will change.
AH: Has anyone you haven't spoken to in a while contact you recently saying "oh we hear you got signed..."
PK: I don't think that many people know yet.
GN: Yeah, there hasn't been a big announcement yet. I don't really know who knows.
PK: So this is it I guess.
CC: You hear it here first, officially, The Maine signed to Warner Brothers Records. Congratulations!
GN: Oh! What a surprise, Thanks!

CC: What has been your favorite part of Warped Tour so far...
GN: The past three days.
PK: Yeah, best shows on tour.
CC: You guys have been getting a lot of following so far.
GN: Today and yesterday were insane. The day before the kids were just crazy, it's been awesome.
CC: Has your crowd changed? Cause you guys got a lot of exposure on the AP tour and now on Warped too
GN: I definitely notice a lot more guys. Like today, that's all I saw. It was cool. It was different to what we're used to *laughs* but definitely awesome to see.
PK: I think after each tour, when you do the next one, you feel what each tour did for your band.

CC: So what's going on after Warped?
PK: In the fall, we're going on tour with a band called Boys Like Girls. And Cobra Starship, A Rocket To The Moon, and VersaEmerge.
GN: That's our next big thing.

AH: Anything for your first ever major album release?
GN: Sometime in the future.
PK: I mean, we're always writing songs. There hasn't been any plans set in stores yet. We're still focusing on this album and touring on it. We just put out a new video.
CC: And you just released the Deluxe version of "Can't Stop, Won't Stop" too.
PK: Yeah so we're busy with that.

CC: So let's end with some interesting Warped Tour Stories...
PK: We had a good one! But I can't think of it. Oh! A guy stood on stage today for like the last half of a song.
CC: Did he get in from the crowd?
GN: We have no idea where he came from.
PK: We were all just waiting for him to like jump off the stage or something. John was really confused.
GN: He just stood there.
PK: I think it's awesome when people get on stage though.

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