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The Hot Sweat
We Are In The Crowd
We Are In The Crowd
By Stephania Mora & Valerie Roder-- Pacific/Southwest

Do you want good old fashioned rock music with just a hint of punk mixed in? Then you want to listen to the guys that make up the band, AM Taxi: Adam Krier, Jason Schultejann, Chris Smith, John Schmitt, Luke Schmitt. With two EP's already under their belt, these Chicago rockers now have their debut full length album out titled, We Don't Stand A Chance. What you get with AM Taxi is rock music that has honest and identifiable lyrics. Their lyrics portray stories and emotions that many listeners can relate to. The stories and emotions behind AM Taxi's songs come through when they perform live.

AM Taxi was part of Warped Tour 2010 this year, and Musiqtone was able to catch up with the guys and watch their set at the San Diego stop on August 10th. AM Taxi puts on an excellent rock show and knows how to get the audience involved. Sometimes it's difficult to play an early morning slot during Warped Tour, but AM Taxi definitely woke the crowd up with their veteran stage presence. The guys of AM Taxi are excellent musicians, and lead singer Adam Krier has a unique voice with a rather soothing raspy tone to it.  They performed several of their own songs and even did a cover of The Rolling Stone's Paint It Black that fans received well.

Later in the day, Musiqtone was able to sit down with AM Taxi and talk about their debut album, their writing process, and the show that they will play in Chicago on August 21st in honor of bassist, Matthew Leone from Madina Lake. Check it out below, and check out AM Taxi on www.myspace.com/amtaxi.

The Audio Booth
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