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The Hot Sweat
We Are In The Crowd
We Are In The Crowd
By Stephanie Mora & Valerie Roder-- Pacific/Southwest

In 2007, the band Breathe Electric was created in the basement belonging to frontman, Grant Harris. And collectively, Breathe Electric is all about delivering what the fans want. They know that, you, the listeners love hearing catchy songs that you can sing along and move your feet to. With two EP's under their belt, Honestly and Emotions, that already have fun, upbeat songs, Breathe Electric put out a third EP on June 15th, 2010 titled Lovestruck. And in true Breathe Electric form, Lovestruck delivers more electronic, feel good pop music.

Last year (2009), Breathe Electric played two shows on Warped Tour but this year they landed a spot on the entire tour. On August 10th, 2010 at the San Diego stop on Warped Tour, Musiqtone was able to catch Breathe Electric's set and interview lead singer, Grant Harris. Set wise, Breathe Electric didn't disappoint. They played both old and new songs while they jumped around the stage. They had high energy that got the crowd pumped. By the middle of their set, fans in the crowd created a train and danced around in a circle to the rest of the set. If Breathe Electric left San Diegans wanting more, they can see them perform again in San Diego on October 14th, 2010 at the Epicentre. More tour dates can be found on www.myspace.com/breatheelectric.

Now, take a listen to our interview with Grant, as he talks about the new EP Lovestruck and future music and tour plans.

The Audio Booth
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