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The Hot Sweat
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Ruby Summer
By Stephanie Mora --Regional Head, Pacific/Southwest

Personally, I would have to say that Ruby Summer is one of my favorite acts out today. It's not just that their talented singers/songwriters, but it's their entire outlook on the world and life in general. Sisterly duo Ruby and Summer Spiro of Ruby Summer are two very honest, vibrant and humble individuals and their personalities really shine in their music. With lyrics that tell a story and that are truthful and easy to relate to, their music makes for emotional yet easy listening. It kind of makes you just want to get up and dance.

The last time Musiqtone spoke with Ruby Summer was at the very beginning of 2010 and their first EP Conspiracy Of Divine Events was getting ready to come out. A lot has happened for the sisters since that time. They dropped their record label, went in a different direction, started writing and recording new music and eventually signed with their present record label, Seany Records. Now they are continuing a high school tour and playing live shows, sharing music from their new and upcoming album Mermaids And Poets.

I had the chance to talk in depth with Ruby and Summer about signing with Seany Records, the inspiration behind their new album, touring, and much more. They even answered some fan questions.

Stephanie Mora: Hello, I'm Stephanie and I'm with Musiqtone.com. First off can you just introduce yourself and I want you to describe yourself using the letters in your first name.
Summer: Ooohh. Well, I'm Summer and I'm part of the band Ruby Summer. Ok so describing myself with the letters of my first name. S...hmm. This is so difficult because I don't want to come up with a pedestrian answer. S, smart. I'm pretty smart. U, universal. M, musical. M, magnificent. E, I would say...hmm
Ruby: Exhausted...
SM: Extraordinary?
Summer: Well it comes to mind, extraordinary but I don't want to say that I'm extraordinary. Hmm, eloquent. And R, I'm a ruby lover. Oh wait for S, I would say small. I'm pretty short. I'm more quick than I am smart. I'm short and snappy.
Ruby: Ok, my name's Ruby and I'm in the band Ruby Summer. R, I would say...hmm...what would I say? Oh I'm a rapper. I love freestyle. Oh wait...no..I love to rhyme. I'm a rhymer. And then U, unicorn! I love unicorns. What should I say Summer?
Summer: You're a unicorn rider.
Ruby: Yeah, I'm a unicorn rider. I have a bunch of stuffed animals. Hmm for B, brain. And y, young... hmm y...I'm young. I don't even know. I'm really not. Oh yummy, I'm yummy. Hmm yorky-terrier lover. I love dogs.
SM: That works.
Ruby & Summer: That was tough...a lot of thinking.

SM: We last had you on the Hot Seat at the very beginning of 2010 (January) when you played a free show at the Beachgrass Cafe.
Summer: Wow.
SM: Yeah, it was a long time ago.
Summer: Wow. Yeah.
SM: It would be an understatement to say that a lot has happened with you two since then. Has it been sort of like a whirlwind?
Summer: Yeah...it has. It's uhh been really amazing this past year. After we saw everyone at the Beachgrass Cafe last year our lives kind of changed the day after that show. So it's really crazy actually. We left our old label. We decided to leave and go in a different direction. You know not in a crazy in a different direction. We just decided we were going to make the album we've dreamt of making and writing the songs and poetry we wanted to write. So after that day we went in the studio for the next year and wrote really consistently and umm just opened ourselves creatively. It was so liberating and freeing. The album is called Mermaids and Poets and the first single French Kisses is out right now. And we're on a new label. It's called Seany Records and umm it started out being a foundation that raises awareness for pediatric cancer because the owner, his son passed away a few years ago from cancer. So half of the proceeds from our label, from the music goes to curing pediatric cancer. So it's really amazing, and we're really lucky to have them. It's such a great fit. You know we love performing live and we've been able to sing everyday for the past few months. We're so excited to share out music with people. We call it share because we get to share our music and share our story and share just life with people. It's just so exciting for us. You really love when you're able to do what you love to do. It's amazing.

SM: Right, and you mentioned that you signed with Seany Records. And that was in September of 2010, right? Officially?
Summer: Yes, it was.
SM: How did that come about. Did they find you?
Summer: They found us through a friend actually. It was kind of strange...it was like a friend of a friend of a friend mentioned us. And we weren't going to sign with anybody. We were like let's just write music and not worry about business. Let's just do the music part. And um we met with them and was like 'yeah that's really awesome. we're just focusing on the music.'
Ruby: New music, for us. It's kind of like what we've always done but us just being true to ourselves.
Summer: And we weren't planning on signing with anyone. They just kept calling us and asking us questions and being so supportive. And they loved the music. They were so supportive of the music, and that was the deal breaker for us. They seek the ambition we seek. You know they hear the music the way we hear the music. They get the whole thing. They get us. We don't even have to explain ourselves. It's really hard as artists sometimes to explain your vision sometimes because it's a new vision..but they just got it. Which was really awesome.

SM: Right. You guys mentioned you've been recording from your upcoming album which is Mermaids and Poets. Can you kind of describe the recording process and what is the inspiration behind the title? Because it's a really clever and unique title.
Summer: Thank you so much. Umm yeah uhh. The recording process is really amazing. We have a recording studio in our garage and we call our studio the glitter box even though it's not at all what it looks like. It's seriously like a garage full of boxes and snowboard clothes and random art supplies. And we write in there. Me and my sister, Ruby and our father Mark, we all write together and we also write separately. Usually what will happen is we'll bring in an idea and we talk about it. Ruby is really amazing at writing on her guitar. She loves bringing in an idea that she wrote full out on guitar and play it on her guitar.
Ruby: Great poetry and lyrics.
Summer: And I like to start with lyrics. That's how it starts essentially for me. We kind of record the verse or whatever and we'll record and write as we record. One nice part of the recording process is being part of the producing process and all of it. It's very collaborative. We all have different song ideas that we bring to the table. So it's a great process for us. And how we came up with Mermaids And Poets...umm Ruby and I are really attached to the ocean. We just sort of have this magnetic pull to the sea. And uhh we also love to write poetry. We've been writing poetry our entire lives and both our parents are songwriters. The world that we've been raised in is full of art and music and love and joy and looking at life with a positive outlook. And seeing the good parts of live because it can be very disappointing and depressing. There's a fairytale that talks about these sailors that get lost at sea, and they have no idea which way is shore and they hear these voices of the mermaids. The mermaids use their voices to guide them back home and the story really hits home with us. We really wanted to write a song with mermaids in it and poetry and the whole world. We had the title a year before the album was even written. We had the title forever. We had it in our pocket and it all just came together one day.
Ruby: It's about people who are really honest and true and feeling comfortable in your own skin. Beauty radiating from the inside. So much stuff in this world and it's really hard to figure out the person you want to be, how do you want to make a difference, how do you see yourself. It's really hard you know, especially getting older, you have to really try to be who you want to be, do what you want to do in your life and I feel like Mermaids And Poets for me is just about people coming out of the dark and seeing in a whole different way and just loving each other. Being unified. And freedom and beauty coming out and shining on everyone.
Summer: Absolutely. It's a lifestyle. Mermaids And Poets is a lifestyle. It's just the world is in a recession and war and the world needs a change. It's really hard to make a change on a larger scale. It's about the little things in your personal life. It's what you do in your own home, with your family, the way you treat your friends. That's what changes the world. It's what you do in your personal life, and that's what Mermaids and Poets is about.
SM: Yes, it always starts with yourself first.
Summer: Absolutely. Absolutely.

SM: I like that you brought up that it's about being honest and true to yourself because I think one of my favorite things about your music is that your lyrics are always so honest and true and they tell a story. Can you describe some of the differences...because you've been saying that you went in a different direction and I know especially with French Kisses, your new single, there is kind of a different vibe than the music that was on your last EP (2010) Conspiracy of Divine Events. Can you kind of describe the differences between the two.
Summer: You know, really the only difference is the track. If you think about it the only difference is that there's a little bit of a heavier beat and
Ruby: It's a little more of a dance feel than our first album. I would have to say...you know we've been saying we made a huge change but we were actually listening to our music, our first album the other day and it's still the same..we're still storytelling. And it's just a big change going from a more of a country vibe to more of a pop vibe. But it's still, to me, the songwriting part of it is still the same.
Summer: When we played that song, French Kisses on acoustic guitar, it's funny because it could easily be made into a country song too. You know so it's so funny because even though it's not a real personal story, it's still a story. This California girl being leaving home and being overwhelmed by the city. I think the biggest change is just we got older. We wrote Conspiracy Of Divine Events when we were young and now that we're growing up and getting older we have a new way of thinking. We've gone through a lot of things.

SM: Ok switching gears. Let's talk about live shows. You have recently played a couple of headlining shows at The Renaissance Hotel in Hollywood. What were those shows like?
Summer: They are wonderful and a lot of fun. We can play longer. We've been doing a high school tour and at high schools we only play for 25 minutes. With our own shows we can play longer, add more songs and do some songs acoustically...really play around with the set.
Ruby: At shows people will come out to see you and to support you which we appreciate. It's such a great feeling.

SM: As you mentioned, you've been doing a High School Tour all around California for a while now. What was it like playing at the high schools? How were you received?
Ruby & Summer: You never really know what you are going to get when playing at high schools. It's so nerve wracking. It's like being in high school again. We're wondering if they are going to like our music, but we're getting the chance to share our music. We're putting on a show but at the same time if they don't happen to connect with it, it's ok. At least we're sharing our music. We've met the most beautiful people and it has been really fun. At the beginning they're all just watching you but by the 6th song or so they love it. Every day is different but it has been a favorite experience of our careers. At first we were a little afraid because they're there to go to school and they're not ready to listen to music. But it has been lif changing and we are really lucky. We are so thankful for the people that we've met and who have opened up to us. It's so amazing to play for audiences you have never ever seen before and have them just understand the music. It's magical.

SM: Now we're going to move on to some fan questions. A lot of fans would like to know if you will be going on a full length tour in the near future?
Ruby & Summer: Yes, absolutely. We're hoping and praying for it. Well we're going to be honest. It's our goal but we don't know. We're looking for a tour to get on. We're waiting for the right person...someone to say yes. We've been sending e-mails but it's all really political.
SM: I really hate the politics of the music industry sometimes.
Ruby & Summer: Yes! Fans need to run the music industry and do the business part. They're the ones that get it. The kids know what they like and know what they want. The kids are the ones that buy it. They're down with anything.

SM: Ok, so being sisters and being around each other a lot, do you ever get frustrated with one another?
Ruby: Constantly. We're both really different but we balance each other out. We have learned that we're going to get frustratred with each other and we're not always going to get along. Sometimes it's really hard because we'll get so frustrated with what's going on but in the end we have the same vision...the same dreams and goals...the same vision on how we want our music to sound. We always tell each other, 'Don't think of me as your sister. Just respect me as a sister and as an artist.' There are a lot of struggles and stresses that get me down and I am honestly so happy to have her (Summer). We lift each other's spirits up. I tell her everything. The best part is we both just want what's best for each other.
Summer: We were raised to not be selfish people. It's not just about you. You have to get over yourself and be self-less. This is not just about me. It's about both of us. We respect each other. We're completely different people. We're strong and hot headed but both of us together is amazing. More importantly, we never fight about the music.
Ruby: She will get mad at me when I haven't seen her in a while. *laughs* But it's great. When the other one is down, the other one is there. When one is weak, one is strong. I always have someone to be there.

SM: Now we're going to move on to some fun questions. I'm just going to ask you two a question and you tell me me who it applies to.
SM: Who talks the most?
Ruby & Summer: Summer!
Summer: Ruby is like my translator. It's like my brain is moving too fast for my mouth to keep up.

SM: Who is the serious one?
Ruby: Summer. She always has a furrowed brow. There is like tension in your forehead.

SM: Who's the better cook?
Ruby: We're actually both really good and into it but I'd have to say Summer. When I was going through a rough time, she would say 'come and cook with me,' and so I started cooking with her. I ended up being pretty good.
Summer: It's a tie.

SM: Who's the loudest?
Summer: Ruby! She's louder than anyone in the world. She speaks in squirrel and dolphin which is really loud and high.

SM: Who reads more?
Ruby: Summer.
Summer: Yeah, I'm a reader.

SM: So to conclude, is there anything else you would like to add for your fans & the Musiqtone.com visitors?
Summer: I would like to say thank you. Thank you to everyone who has supported us since well, the beginning of time. We're going on our 6 1/2 year and just all the people who have stuck with us and all the people who come to shows make it possible for us to do what we do. We're trying to get to the next level, the next step and that can only happen with fans. Thanks to people who keep in touch with us. We don't like to call them fans because it seems so impersonal. We have relationships with these people. We connect on a spiritual level. So to everyone who writes and shows up to our shows, thank you. It's a dream come true.
Ruby: When someone else feels the music the way we do, it just keeps us going. It gives us strength and courage.
Summer: We recently played at Brea Linda High School and usually it takes a couple songs for them to get your vibe, but during the first song these girls just came up and started dancing with us. They were dancing and holding hands with us. It was amazing.
Ruby: I honestly wanted to cry. It was amazing.
Summer: Just meeting people like that is so amazing.
Be sure to catch Ruby Summer at one of their shows:

Thursday June 2nd
The Sandbar in Pacific Beach, CA
718 Ventura Avenue, SD 92109

Thursday June 16
House of Blues cafe stage
Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas

Friday June 24th
Del Mar Fair
Obrien Stage

Sunday July 3rd
Del Mar Fair
Obrien Stage

For more information on Ruby Summer please visit:

Official website
Official Facebook
Official Twitter
Seany Records Twitter
Seany Records official website
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