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Out of all the bands on the pop rock scene today, There For Tomorrow is one of my favorites. Their first full-length record “A Little Faster” showcases this band’s talent and passion for creating music that doesn’t just satisfy the current trends. Currently on the Take Action Tour with We The Kings and Mayday Parade, the Florida quartet is trying to convey the hopefulness of their music through a flawless live show. We met with drummer Chris Kamrada and bassist Jay Enriquez during the Chicago stop of the Take Action tour to get to know this remarkable band a little better.

Cristina: You guys are half of There For Tomorrow
Jay: Yes. The Beat Section
Christian: The force behind There For Tomorrow, base and drums.

CC: Describe There For Tomorrow for me.
JE: Using some words, future
CK: Very melodic,
JE: Impact-ful, hopefully.
CK: We try to leave a hopeful feeling with all of our listeners. We want them to be able to listen to our music and feel hopeful and create emotions in them that makes them feel like it’s always greener on the other side.
CC: I know on your press release there’s a quote from Maika talking about how There For Tomorrow doesn’t want to be part of a trend but a band that stands the test of time.
CK: I feel like most bands don’t capture that feeling for me. It’s catchy, they make good tunes, but they don’t capture that feeling that tomorrow is always going to be better.
JE: Few bands do that, at least.
CK: Yeah for sure. But we can go for days with the influences that make us feel that way. But at the end of the day we want to have that music that leaves an impact.
CC: How do you guys try to do that?
CK: We make music that makes us feel that way.
JE: Definitely. It’s our influences as well. We listen to bands that give us those feelings. That’s what we truly respect and look up to. That’s what we try to do with our music.

CC: You guys are currently on the Take Action Tour.
JE: This is the fourth day. Chicago was...
CK: Sold out!
JE: Sold out. Amazing show. I feel like the tour will get better as far as our performances and the bands go. And hopefully people will be catching on to the Take Action trend and become bone marrow donors.
CK: I hope There For Tomorrow discovers a lot of new fans and faces in this tour.
JE: Definitely.

CC: Most of the bands on this tour you’ve already toured with. I know you were on The Secret Valentine Tour with We The Kings about a year ago…
CK: It’s so soon in the tour to say this, but we do know these bands so well. Like you said, we know all these bands so well, except for the opening band right now Call The Cops. But We The Kings, and Mayday Parade, we’ve done some touring with before. And A Rocket To the Moon, we did some of Warped Tour with.
JE: Everyone here we’re friends with. It usually takes until almost the end of the tour for everyone to start hanging out and get really close. But it’s already happening now. This is just the beginning.
CK: There’s so much comfort. Everybody knows what they want to do: have fun, play your hardest, support a good cause, support your own band and your friends.
JE: Definitely.

CC: So the last time I talked to you Jay, and Christian (guitar) was during Warped tour.
JE: Yeah I remember!
CC:  It was about halfway through it. So how did the last half go?
JE: It was hot! It didn’t get any cooler.
CK: It was hard work. You meet some many new fans and so many new kids. It’s a constant, crazy party. There’s always stuff going on. There’s always a band to see and kids to hang out with. But it’s a lot of fun.
JE: At the end of it, everyone is ready to go home. But later on you realize how much fun it is.
CK: It was a huge learning experience from it.

CC: Have you been noticing a difference now in the people coming to the shows?
CK: Oh yeah.
CC: Especially because right before Warped you released “A Little Faster.”
CK: It’s so nice to see kids singing along to “A Little Faster” on this tour. Even lyrics to songs that haven’t really been put out there – random songs like “Deathbed,” “Backbone,” and “Stories.” Kids have been really attaching themselves to those songs already. I still feel that it is still very early in our career and the record cycle. It exciting to see everything that it’s been doing for us so far.
JE: Granted there are bigger bands in this tour and people mostly come to see them, but the response to us has been great. All the bands are getting tons of respect and love from the fans so it’s been great.

CC: “A Little Faster” has been getting a ton of good press lately. I know before it came out AP Magazine named There For Tomorrow one of the 100 bands you need to know and “A Little Faster” was one of the most played videos on MTVu.
CK: I think press is very very cool, for a band to get that kind of stuff is amazing. But, I think for a band like us we’re stoked on it because it means exposure to new kids. But the biggest thing for us is playing the shows, and making the music, and seeing the results of that. And if a magazine helps the results of that, power to it. We’re all about getting to the people however we can, whether it’s the Internet, music videos, and press. But press is not something that deliberately affects our emotions. It’s just press. It’s amazing but it’s just press. We’re looking to do a ton of stuff with AP this year. AP has shown a lot of interest in There for Tomorrow which is awesome.
JE: It’s not just so much that we’re doing the press, but the fact that the press has been building a following. It’s healthy that way. It’s not the fact that  press that it’s happening but the fact that it exposing us.
CK: We’re definitely getting a ton of attention this year.
JE: We’ve been really lucky so far. And more is coming, for sure. So far so good.

CC: Do you guys have any fun tour stories you want to share?
CK: Wow. We have so many. Hmm.
JE: So this is on the down low. It’s still a secret.  But we’re trying to pull the same prank that we did last year at the Secret Valentine Tour…
CK: Same exact prank on We The Kings
CC: What did you guys do?
CK: It was really funny. Everyone on the tour - us, The Cab, The Maine and VersaEmerge – basically walked on stage and laid like they were dead, face first, pilling on top of each other.
JE: Everyone slowly walked out and just fell during the whole song.
CK: It was so awkward it was awesome.
JE: We’re going to pull everyone on it for sure.
CC: Any other good pranks?
CK: So many… We went out on stage naked during All Time Low once. And started playing Beer Pong. I mean we were wearing booty shorts. That was extreme.
JE: Being on your underwear, it’s pretty All Time Low.

CC: So any last words to end this up?
CK: Honestly, I just want to stress the fact that I want kids to come to shows and see what we’re all about.
JE: Get the record if you don’t have it.
CK: Yeah, get the record and listen to it. It’s not that crazy of a thing to just buy a record. Don’t listen to one song and judge a band. Buy the record and listen to it. I feel like kids really cut themselves off when listening to new bands. They listen to one song and they only know one song. I just want to leave this interview by saying come see us live and listen to the new record all the way through. Download it.
CC: You don’t care if they just get it for free as long as they come out and get to know you guys.
CK: Of course! I don’t give a shit.
JE: Here’s how we figured and here’s how we do it: we take music too. If we like it, we’ll go buy it.
CK: And I’ll support that band – I’ll pay for tickets and I’ll buy t-shirt. If they’re good, I’ll promote their music to my friends.  If it’s something I really like and believe in, I’ll want people to know about them. I feel confident on the fact that kids can find themselves in “A Little Faster” compared to a lot of the albums coming out this year.  Sorry, but it’s very real music. I feel like kids are looking for that. There are great bands on this tour. I want everyone to come to this tour, see There For Tomorrow live and hear “A Little Faster.”

Cristina CarrazzaCristina Carrazza is the regional head for the Midwest region at Musiqtone.com. You can reach her at cristinacarrazza@musiqtone.com.

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