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Wednesday, February 28th
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TV/TV is an indie rock band that was formed in 2007 in NYC’s East Village. With catchy tunes such as, “Get it, Get it,” you won’t be able to sit still in your seat. I had the chance to interview Josh Ocean the day before TV/TV’s headlining show at Highline Ballroom last week. There they retired and old song and introduced a new one, which will be on their upcoming EP. Check TV/TV out on Myspace at www.myspace.com/tvtv, pick up their EP, Something To Get Excited About, and see them live on Warped Tour all summer long.

Amanda: What does the name TV/TV mean?
Josh: “TV TV” was a group of Berkley film students who in the 1970s were the first ones to pioneer guerilla style documentary making by taking portable video cameras, getting the faces of politicians, and asking them questions that the mainstream media wouldn’t ask. They called themselves “TV TV” and when we started to write songs we thought that was a cool little name because it had a lot of history behind it and it was a sense of rebellion through an art medium. So we thought that was kinda cool. And we added the slash and we became TV/TV.

A: Who are your influences?
J:  For me personally, I’d say, The Killers, The Rolling Stones, The Hives, Maroon 5, The Clash. And also like a lot of modern day pop stuff. We’re great admirers of pop music.

A: What are you listening to currently?
J:  Currently I’ve been listening to The Cardigans, Adele, Phoenix, Empire of the Sun, and The Killer’s new album.

A:  How do you keep in contact with your fans?
J:  We’re pretty connected on MySpace. I go on MySpace all the time, like everyday, and talk to people. We also have a screen name, like a chat, to talk to some fans. So we try to stay really connected.

A: I was on Purevolume and I saw that you were one of the ‘Top 21 Unsigned Artists of 2008.’ Have you been talking to any labels, or are just focusing on your music right now?
J:  We’ve definitely been approached by labels, but when we feel the timing is right we will make a commitment to a label. We’ve really been focusing on developing ourselves because the music industry is changing so rapidly that we want to make sure we have a foundation so we can be able to do what we want to do.

A:  What is it like hearing your songs on different shows on MTV etc. and being featured in magazines, such as Seventeen?
J:  The magazine stuff is funny. Like I was just in the drugstore and saw the PopStar magazine article. And hearing songs on shows- it’s cool our friends kind of go crazier than we do. Its definitely fun and we’re really happy when we hear our songs on shows.

A:  So, are you excited to be going out on Warped all summer?
J:  Oh definitely, super excited. We get to do the whole tour so that’s incredible. We’re really excited. It’s gonna be great.

A:  How did you get involved with the Skull Candy stage?
J:  Kevin Lyman, the Warped Tour founder, asked us to do it. So we were so happy with the offer and of course we had to say yes.

A:  How do you feel the public received your previous EP, Something to get Excited About?
J:  Well, I think things have been really good. I think there are still a lot of people who haven’t heard it yet, which is great because the people who have heard it have flipped out and really have been a huge backing behind us. We’re really starting to build a strong following and a strong team of believers behind us because it was the first music we released and I really look forward to more people to hear the old EP as well as the new EP we’re gonna release. I’m excited.

A:  When does your new EP come out?
J:  Probably in March. We’re just getting the mixes done and we’re gonna be really picky about that.

A: Do you have a name for it yet?
J:  No, we’re going back and forth with that too. We’re actually going to play one of the songs tomorrow for the first time live.

A:  Are you excited to do that or nervous?
J:  It goes both ways cause I’m definitely excited to play it, but at the same time it’s a new song and we want people to love it as much as we do. But the thing is its more like excitement and that kind of nerves than anything else.

A:  How was the recording process?
J:  It was great. We went back to Atlanta and worked with Zach and Candice again and it was kind of like we picked up exactly where we left off. We had a goal to make some great songs and we just got right to work and we didn’t waste anytime. We really worked very hard and it was just a lot of fun. Even more fun than last time actually, so it was great.

A:  In your Myspace blog, you mentioned that The Tree Sounds studio, where you are recording the EP is completely “green.” Is keeping green and the environment something that is important to TV/TV?
J:  Absolutely. When we are able to we want a green tour bus and green stuff. And I think it’s such an incredible thing to have all the electricity and energy that’s going into the music to be green. Because I come from a little island, called Tabar Island, and my house over there is completely green. It’s like 100% solar and there’s no real toxic chemicals in the house. I come from that kind of background so it’s definitely important to me. To have Tree Sounds, the studio that we have, it’s the largest studio in Georgia and its completely green so its like such a cool thing.

A:  So you’re excited for the show tomorrow night right?
J:  Oh, definitely. Super excited.

A:  So why are you retiring a song from your set list at this show?
J:  Because it’s a song that I’ve personally been playing for a long time. It was one of the first songs that I wrote for TV/TV. And the thing is its always a fan favorite and kids flip out and have always loved it since our first show ever in the basement of the Knitting Factory. Kids have been like, “Oh, play that play that songs again!” I’m just not gonna say what it is. It has a lot of sentimental meaning. But at the same time since it is such an old song, we’re ready to just put in behind us and play it for New York one more time and really not play it that much ever again.

A:  How important has New York City been in forming the band and its progression?
J:  New York City is pivotal. New York City is the fifth member of TV/TV because all the angst and frustration of being young in the city is what influenced us to write the songs in the first place. We really wouldn’t be anything if it wasn’t for the support of our friends and fans in New York. Because it really is those people who come out to the shows that keep us going everywhere else. So it’s really cool.

A:   That’s all the questions I have for you today. Is there anything else you would like to add?
J:  I want to encourage people to go out to our website tvtvrock.com and thank you so much for checking us out!

Rachel DodsonAmanda Agueda is a staff writer in the East Coast region at Musiqtone. You can reach her at amandaagueda@musiqtone.com.

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